Thursday, January 19, 2006


I made cupcakes this morning and let me just tell you, they were yummy!! I woke up to so much snow outside I could hardly believe it!
I was planning on going down to Provo to hang out with Ann but since the roads looked so bad I decited to stay in and make cupcakes with Estee, I'll probably head down later this afternoon. Last night was another long night with Estee with little to no sleep, but the bright side is I got to watch all my favorite shows I had tivoed, so basically it was a project runway/ dog the bounty hunter marathon... too good!! I'm starting to get excited for Thomas and Jessica's wedding next weekend, We leave Thur. and then spend a night in Las vegas and then on to San diego, of course I cant wait to see the whole family and I know everyone is excited to see sweet Estee, it will be a great time!! well I guess Im off to bathe Estee and brave the snow!!
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