Wednesday, January 25, 2006


ahhhh it almost looks like she is posing!! We have had a great day today, Estee is crawling all around and really starting to get the hang of it. I had a relief society meeting tonight which was about 3 hours long, a little too long if you ask me, but it was fun. I also got a little scrapbooking in, did one page that took quite a while. Im still trying to figure out how to scan a 12x12 page and them patch them together with photo shop, I feel a little dense because I have spent hours trying to do it to no avail... Oh well hopefully I'll figure it out soon and then I can post a couple of my pages. Anyways I'm hoping I can actually sleep tonight as Estee is already in bed, this is really early for her, I'm taking that as a good sign... we'll see. Posted by Picasa

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