Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I came in Estee's room this morning to find her standing in her crib soooo proud. She has had a huge day mastering the art of crawling and she is getting it down. She is very excited about being mobile and I love to see her little personality coming through in things she wants and is drawn to because now she is able to go get it. It feels like she is growing up to fast, I look at her and I suddenly see a little person, not so much a tiny baby anymore. Anyways, today I went to Provo and hung out with Ann and Jen, we had a good time talking and hanging out. I have been down today because my mom called me this morning to tell me my grandma is in the hospital, she was having some chest pains last night and they think she may have had a mild heart attack. writing the words alone freaks me out. My grandma is so close to my heart, and thinking about her health slowly deteriorating is more than I can bear at this point, I can only pray that she will recover quickly and continue to be the vibrant woman she always has been. I love her so much. Posted by Picasa

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