Thursday, January 26, 2006

So we are leaving for San Diego tomorrow for Thomas 's wedding, and I have been trying to get things ready. I've done about 50 loads of laundry, and Fancy is driving with us so I gave her a bath and then I started to pack. I'm a little worried about the drive because, A. Estee is not feeling 100% B. Fancy is coming, and C. well, no C I just hate long drives!! I took this picture of Estee today... I think it's a pretty cute shot. I love Thursdays, mostly because the tv shows (I know pretty lame!) but I love the office, it seriously is such a funny show. If you dont watch it you really should! oh and I also like dancing with the stars... sooo cheezy but I cant believe how serious they are, it's classic. anyways better get back to my laundry and packing. Tomorrow is going to be a long day... Posted by Picasa

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