Monday, February 27, 2006


Yep, she said it, I'm sure of it!!! Last night Estee bumped her head and her grandma Furstenau picked her up and thats when it happened, the most glorious sound I've ever heard... ma-ma... over and over until I held her. We couldn't believe it but she continued all night and even today!! Cant believe how fast she is growing but I'm loving every second of it!! Posted by Picasa

twin ditar

Not only is she talented but beautiful as well... Love her! Posted by Picasa

Wonder woman

Is there anything this woman cant do???... Look at these fabulous homemade eclairs Ann made for dessert tonight after an amazing dinner of homemade chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes and rolls... mmmmm! Estee and I stayed here last night because Chris is out of town, and to be honest I dont really like being alone. Adam and Ann have been the ultimate hosts and I know they have enjoyed spending some quality time with Estee. Anyways, I think I'll head home tonight after a date with Dr. Travis (the bachelor finale)... cant wait to see who wins! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 25, 2006

My heart and soul...

What could be sweeter??? Posted by Picasa


I've been a little dazed today, I don't really know if it is because I am so sleep deprived and it is catching up with me or what, but I have felt more like a spectator then an active participant in life today. I kept finding myself not paying attention when people talked to me or spacing out when someone had a story. Not because I was not interested, I really was, it just seemed I couldn't help it and I've been frustrated about it all day long... Hopefully I can shake it soon because I'm in a funk. Chris is leaving on a business trip tomorrow so I'm sure to get even less sleep then I am currently getting and I feel a little bogged down with chores around the house, hopefully I can get some done, they are just small jobs but all together feel a little daunting. Anyways, I'll feel better tomorrow, it's just been a rough day... We all have them.

Took these of Estee this morning, we have alot going on, it is my sister in law Amy's 30th birthday today and we are getting together this afternoon, she has had a rough week but hopefully her day can be special... Happy birthday Amy!!! Also, we have a couples shower tonight for one of Chris's friends, anyways, I have a ton to do but thought I'd share the pictures of my darling baby!! ***Have a great day*** Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 24, 2006


I love magazines. So all of my magazine subscriptions are up and I have agonized over what new magazines to get and I have finally decited on these. I am very excited as I think I picked some really good ones, and covered pretty much everything I enjoy. Anyways, I got them on, they have great deals on tons of magazines, I've never gone through them, just found them online... hopefully I actually recieve the magazines... we'll see I guess!

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Okay, so Chris and I always watched the apprentice, I dont think we have ever missed a season, but this next season I am offically boycotting. First of all I have never really liked the Donald because lets face it, he's a jerk. But now that he has gone after Martha... I'm finished, he is just nasty and I dont like him. Maybe I shouldn't watch "best week ever" anymore, I'm getting all worked up!! Posted by Picasa

My angel girl...

A couple cute shots I took of Estee today. Posted by Picasa


I know, I am really jumping the gun, but the weather today is so beautiful I cant help but get excited for the warm weather to be here. Estee and I went for a walk today, around the neighborhood and around the park, she loved it and I must say so did I. I also worked a little on my sewing machine, when my mom was here she showed me how to thread it, and how to fill the bobin and just the basics, so now I'm kinda teaching myself, I want to take a class and learn to follow a pattern, but for now I'm just excited to be able to add some stitching to some of my scrapbook pages! Also, we put together one of Estee's Christmas presents and it is her FAVORITE, she must feel so grown up sitting in her chair because she loves it!! Anyways, not much else going on, it seems life moves in slow motion a little after my Mom leaves, probably just because it goes by so fast when she is here. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Estee and Olivia got to play on Wed., they had so much fun and of course it was fun to hang out with Amy (Olivia's mom), Love watching them grow and interact, they are only 3 weeks apart so their little personalities are really starting to show... too cute!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New haircut!!

Estee got her first haircut !! Her bangs were getting pretty long and hanging in her eyes a bit so Grandma cut them. It was no simple task considering Estee can hardly sit still, so needless to say they are a little crooked, but darling nevertheless. I took Estee to the doctor today, her little eyes have been swollen in the morning and I just didn't know what was causing it, basically he said it could be a number of things none of which are serious and gave me a couple of ideas, no big deal, but I must say this mother job is full of lots of worry.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


A very sweet moment captured, Estee fast asleep in the loving arms of her Grandmother. It is so nice having my mother here.  Posted by Picasa

Las Vegas...

So I got home from Las Vegas last night, luckily my Mom drove home with me so the drive wasn't all that bad. We had such a great time and did a lot of fun things in just a couple of days. We ate at a lot of fabulous restaurants, went to the David Copperfield show, went to the Elvis A Rama museum, went to the antique show , dolphin exhibit and secret garden, and got an amazing massage and spa day. Lots and lots of fun. Everyone was sooo excited to see Estee and of course she loves being on the go, she was a happy baby the whole weekend!! Great to see the whole family and just be together. My Mom and I are going to stay at home and cook all day, sounds like fun, and hopefully Estee can rest a little after a pretty crazy weekend.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Snow storm

Oh what a day!! I had a hair appointment this evening and almost didn't make it because the weather was sooo horrible. Chris didn't make it home in time so I had to take Estee to Chris's parents, I was so grateful that Jeanette could watch her and she had a blast playing with her cousins. About my hair... its really different, but I actually really like it. Its an actual haircut, it's been a while since I've had one and I am really happy with it.. (thanks Sarah!!) I'll post a picture when I can find someone to take one!! I'm off to vegas either tomorrow or Friday, depending on the weather, cant wait to see everyone. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Marriage is a funny thing, isn't it? Two people picking eachother to be with forever, supporting eachother, comforting one another and hopefully growing together. I find it an amazing concept, quite simple in theory, yet it is undeniably challenging. Learning to accept someone for everything that they are, the good and the bad; Learning to laugh when you really want to scream, and to stay positive even when it seems the most difficult... it seems I am just begining to learn what a marriage is about and how to nurture it, but I do know that I am fortunate to have such an amazing partner in this eternal journey.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


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Estee has this toy that rolls and today, she figured out how to push it. She was walking all around sooooo proud of herself!! So cute to watch her little body walk around like a big person. We went to lunch today (Chris didn't think to make reservations until this morning) he gave me beautiful roses and a gift certificate for a gourmet cooking class at Thanksgiving point, very thoughtful and sweet. Life is so good, I love my little family and am so blessed. Posted by Picasa


Happy Valentines day!! hope your day is filled with lots and lots of love. Posted by Picasa