Sunday, February 12, 2006


Today Chris and I have been doing some serious cleaning. Well I guess it was more organizing than cleaning. I cleaned out my closet which was no small task, I actually hate doing this because there always seems to be so many decisions to make, decisions I would rather not make. For example Juicy suits, I have seriously collected over 20 Juicy couture sweat suits in the past 3 years, some are beat down and some I have hardly even worn. anyways, I dont really wear them anymore except for gruby days and pilates but I cant seem to take them out of my closet, not that I want to get rid of them but maybe take them out of the closet and fold them somewhere so they are not taking up prime closet space, but for some reason I cant bring myself to do it. Maybe it's because I used to love them soooo much, maybe it's because I secretly want to wear them every single second of every single day, or maybe it's just because when I look at them, in a small way I see the past three years and I have a huge problem letting go... dont know? Anyways, they are still hanging up, perfectly spaced in a perfectly thought out color scheme... maybe next time. Posted by Picasa

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