Friday, March 03, 2006

Dreaming of Napa...

Well, this day has been long and I've been a little on edge, the hospital cant get Estee in until next Friday so it looks as though I'm resigned to a week of feeling this way. I actually do feel good about everything and I know that it is going to be okay, but I cant help but feel a bit anxious. Anyways, enough about that, Estee and I have done a ton today, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking and of course playing. I am really trying to work with Estee and get her on a schedule, eating, naps and a decent bedtime and she is actually already in bed... A record for her, now hopefully she can stay asleep, at least longer then 3 hours! I noticed that I didn't post about our anniversary date, not that it was any huge thing but we did have a lot of fun. We went to the melting pot for dinner (fondue) and it was soooo good, it was like a 3 hour meal so it was too late for a movie but Ann and Adam watched Estee and she did really well, she loves them. Chris gave me a blouse he picked out for me in Vegas, it's cute and I love that he picked it out all on his own! Also, he gave me gift certificates to two scrapbooking stores, very thoughtful. I was going to be heading to Napa tomorrow for my sister in law's baby shower but I don't think I'll be going anymore, I'm disappointed, it would have been great to see everyone and celebrate my niece who is due April 30th. I know that it will be a great shower and I cant wait for Mark and Erin to have their sweet baby.

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