Thursday, March 02, 2006


What a day, where to begin?? well today was the first day of our weekly lunch group, we are going to get together for lunch every Friday. Today it was at Leah's and it was fabulous, so great to get together, get the kids together and just hang out, the weather was beautiful and the food was great. Estee had her 9 month check up and I was anticipating a check up like all the rest, "everything looks great, yada yada" well that didn't happen, the doctor measured her head and it was off the charts, which he said can be normal but also can be a sign of some problems, actually some pretty big problems. Anyways I have to take Estee in to get an ultra sound to make sure everything is okay. I have to be honest, I'm freaking out, even though he said the chance of it actually being a problem is like 1%, I am still worried. I'm not sure I handle these things to well, I am always jumping to the worst case senario and making myself sick thinking about what could happen. I need to have more faith, its times like these that our faith is tried the most and I know I need to rely on my father in heaven and trust in him. So I sit here tonight feeling okay about our situation, feeling blessed and trusting in my faith, I feel like I have overcome some of my negative thoughts and that I have actually grown a lot in the past 6 hours...I hope that I can hold on to this new found feeling and continue to be positive. Posted by Picasa

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