Saturday, March 04, 2006

Is this a joke???

We had an adventure this morning! Estee woke up at about 9:00 am (I wont even go into the 5 times she woke up in the night) so Chris and I got up and made breakfast and just relaxed, anyways we talked about my not going to Napa and I told him I was pretty sad about it, he said, "well can you still go?" so I checked flights and I found one that left at 11:35 and got in at 12:15 the shower is at 2:00 so it was perfect, we were nervous to book it because it was non refundable and the time was 10:20, but we did anyways. I packed like a crazy person, jumped in the shower with Estee didn't even put a stitch of makeup on threw on clothes and rushed out the door, Chris drove us and we got there at 11:05, unbelievable time. I got up to the curb and realized I didn't have my drivers license but the guy said they would take my social security card (I was surprised by this) the line was long, so I ran into the airport and started playing with the kiosk where you check yourself in and it didn't work so I went to the counter and the woman asked where I was going and said, "sorry you have to check in 20 min. Before your plane leaves and it is 19 min before... Sorry you'll have to go out on the next flight" I couldn't believe it, she had seen me playing with the kiosk for at least 5 min. And knew I was there 20 min. Before, but she would not budge, I even cried a little and she didn't care she just directed me to some phone to call and get another flight out. Luckily the woman on the phone said she would refund my money but not without a fight. This whole time Chris is with me holding Estee, he had just parked on the curb which is a big no-no, as we were walking out the guy was giving him a ticket so he ran up to him and explained and the guy cancelled the ticket... Whew! It was pure chaos but actually really funny, we laughed the whole way home, anyways the kicker is when I got home I looked at the details on my itinerary and all it said was that I need to be at the gate 15 before the departure time which I could have easily done; there was no one in line at security. Needless to say I am furious at Delta but also I must say it feels good to be home.

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