Sunday, March 05, 2006

What was I thinking?

So last week we went to a shower for one of Chris's friends, it was a couples shower so all of his friends were there. Anyways, we got in to a conversation about halo 2 on xbox, Chris and his friends are pretty much obsessed with it. Well I don't really know how it happened but somehow Mason (Chris very best friend) and I got to talking about it and this is where it gets blurry but either he challenged me or I challenged him to a battle. Now I know this sounds a bit crazy, as I have never ever played the game nor do I like it, but he doesn't play either and he kept saying things like "girls cant play halo" and "I could beat you with my eyes closed". So here is the thing, he was joking, and obviously doing it to get a challenge (which he did) but I cant believe what I have gotten myself in to.

First off, the game is really hard, there are like four hundred buttons to push at the same time.

second off, these guys are all very serious about it, they are so excited for the big day, April 1st

Third off, I really don't enjoy playing the game, I can tell you I've liked some video games before and even really gotten in to some, Tony Hawk pro skater... But I just cant enjoy this game, it's too aileny

lastly, I hate to say it but Chris is driving me nuts about it... Constantly on my back, "you need to practice", "Do you want to lose?" Ahhhhh

Okay, I want to win, I cant tell you how much I would love to show up and blow him away, and if this challenge would have come a couple of years ago, I'm sure I could have done it. But I'm not sure that's gonna happen, I just don't think my desire to win is greater than my willingness to give my few precious hours of free time in a day to playing a game I don't enjoy????

Wish me luck... I actually played tonight for over an hour, Chris was so intense the whole time, "left, right, shoot, reload, look up, change guns, throw a grenade, zoom in" Oh man, what was I thinking?

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