Monday, June 12, 2006

This girl is obsessed with

Seven peaks... we got a season pass to go with Amy and leah and jen, and I could not be happier we did. Estee loves the lazy river... no I mean she really loves it. She giggles her head off the entire time, splashes and kicks and is SOOOO happy, it does my heart good seeing her have so much fun! Not to mention how insanely cute she is in her swimsuit and hat (which I have yet to document because I am nervous about taking my camera there)
After 7 peaks we went to lunch with Auntie and then went and visited Amy and Olivia who have been gone on vacation FOREVER!! Great to have them back and sooo fun to catch up.

Needless to say my girl was wasted, she is sound asleep...

Oh ya, bon voyage Mom and Dad... They are leaving on a cruise tomorrow for 2 weeks and will be sorely missed. So excited for you two; who knows maybe we will meet up with you in New York???
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