Wednesday, July 26, 2006

busy, busy, busy

but all good stuff. I have tons to do but kinda keep putting it off... thats okay it will all get done. Went to the park with Estee, only shot about 10 photos so here are the best of them. also went to anthropologie today... have i mentioned how much i love that store? so many darling things and such a source of inspiration for art of all kinds, and it helps that ann is an employee there so i get a discount! anyways, like i said a ton to do so i am going to get to it... and who knows maybe I'll be able to slip in to my scrapbooking room later!! I also want to note (so i never forget) how cute estee has been latley, just so cuddley and giving me tons of kisses and hugs, seriously melting my heart... could it get any better than that? Posted by Picasa

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