Wednesday, July 19, 2006

my little artist...

We have been having way too much fun!!! Yesterday we went to nevada city, it is such a charming little town and we had so much fun (unfortunatly i forgot to put my memory card in my camera... so no photos) but we looked around in some shops, had lunch and looked at some property my aunt and uncle are thinking of purchasing, such a beautiful spot, so picturesque.

today Estee had her first foray in finger painting and LOVED it, she was covered from head to toe. Tomorrow my sister in law Erin and my little niece marlo are coming down for the day, so excited to see them.

I am heading home on Friday, missing my husband a ton but also thinking of how much both estee and i are going to miss my mom and dad. It has been such a great couple of weeks with so many memories to take home with us.
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