Thursday, July 06, 2006

We had the best trip! It was so much fun, so relaxing and so great to spend time with Ann and my Dad. We had great weather, it wasnt too hot and there were some light showers (very rare for vegas this time of year). We went to the guggenheim art museum that was showcasing the works of Rubens, Soooo amazing. We also went to the gallery of fine art at the bellagio where they were showcasing the works of Ansel Adams, couldnt get over this exhibit and how beautiful his photos are... makes me want to photograph nature more. We ate at ALOT of great restaurants my favorites being the mesa grill and delmonico (a favorite of my parents) For any of you that watch the food network mesa grill is bobby flay's restaurant and delmonico is Emeril's, oh my gosh so delecious!
so it was one sweet reunion to see my Estee, she was so excited and so cute when she spotted me but not nearly as excited as I was to see her. Chris had a blast with her, it is so cute how he tells me little stories of things she did and said, it was so great for them to have that time together.
So I am refreshed. Grateful that I could get away and rest, grateful to my husband and mother in law for making it possible, and grateful to my Dad for being such a great Father and friend, I love him so much and don't know how I even deserve such an amazing Dad, he is kind, generous and so- so funny.... i just love him.
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