Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

First I just have to share a few from a session I had last week. Three boys and they were all so full of energy, we had a great afternoon and I have to thank Libby for picking the location, it was beautiful and I will definitely be returning!!!

today has been a great day, family, food and all the good stuff that makes thanksgiving great. today i am grateful for...
my savior
the gospel
christmas coming soon!
my comfy bed

and so, so much more!!! hope everyone's day has been fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much, I love the photos, you captured my boys perfectly. You're so sweet to do this on Thanksgiving.I'm glad you liked the spot. Come by anytime!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary said...

I AM THANKFUL for YOU! These photos
ARE beautiful...good job!

Auntie Ann said...

I love these!

amy m said...

Great photos. Is this the field you lost your phone? Glad you had a good day. We missed being with you all.

Julie C Butler said...

Amy! I was looking at your below post ... and your DD is so darn cute .. she is a sweetie!!
And By the way - I love love love the above photos! You are very talented!! I love your photography!!
Love the conversions .. the people in your photos look so happy!! Great job!!

Amy D. said...

Good work, love the location.