Thursday, November 30, 2006

Remember her???

I haven't taken a single photo of estee this past week, so today as we were leaving the house (for the first time in three days!) I snapped just a few. Doesn't she look happy to be going "bye bye"?! She finally seems to be feeling better which makes me veeeery happy, by the way she was diagnosed with 2 ear infections and a sinus infection... poor girl.

so I am getting caught up on everything in my suddenly very crazy life, wrapping up a few sessions I've needed to proof and I ordered my Christmas cards and a clients chrismas cards. I am still very behind in emails especially because my hotmail account has been down all day, so if you have emailed me in the past couple of days would you mind emailing me again at I promise to get to all of them soon!!! promise, promise!!!

anyways, hope everyone is having a great week... oh and be sure to check out
Ann's blog she has a great little tip for anyone who likes baked treats :)!!

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