Wednesday, January 03, 2007

100 things about me...

thought this would be fun to do especially since i loved reading Amy's so much, so enjoy and hopefully some of you will do it as well, it really is a great way to get to know yourself better...
1. i am a twin twin sister is my best friend, i love and admire her so much.

3.i am completely anxiety ridden
4.i love animals
5.i have a pretty complex mind
6.i love music and how it makes me feel
7.i am a T.V junkie
8.i hate answering the phone if i don't know who it is
9.i have a terrible singing voice but love to sing
10.i love to travel
11.i miss my grandpa every single day

12.i hate how competitive i am when playing games
13.i traveled to japan as an exchange student in high school
14.i am athletic
15.i love going out to eat
16.i hate to clean my house but love it when it is clean
17.i miss being a kid
18.i make decisions quickly
19.i am a really picky eater
20.i failed my drivers license test 2 times before passing
21.i love fresh sheets
22.i love decorating my house
23.i played basketball in high school
24.i was mini miss yuba sutter
25.i wrote chris all through his mission
26.i fight for what i believe
27.i am hard on myself
28.i have strong political views
29.i love the beach
30.i had a magical childhood
31.i watch the news everyday and always know what is going on in the world
32.i am extremely close to both my mom and my dad

33.i hate my feet
34.i hate being alone
35.i love shopping and all things fashion
36.i love antiques
37.i am always planning something
38.i love learning new things
39.i love to read though rarely do it
40.i hate buying makeup
41.i love laughing with family and friends
42.i always wished i had green eyes
43.i usually have my money spent before i even have it (although i am getting better at saving!)
44.i love pajamas
45.i call estee's nurse about EVERYTHING!!!
46.i want peace
47.i really, really want this
48.i love art museums and exhibits
49.i think my sister is the funniest most beautiful person

50.i love las vegas
51.i love to sleep in
52.i am NOT a morning person
53.i love boating
54.i can play the flute
55.i love taking photos and capturing life
56.i want so badly to be close to my children
57.i want to learn to sew
58.i am hard to get to know
59.i love candy, my favorite being good and plenty
60.i love to cook
61.i hate to exercise
62.i want a better world for my children
63.i cant believe estee is mine (how did i get such a blessing?)
64.i am good at impressions :)
65.i love vanilla everything
66.i love to be challenged
67.i have such a love for my faith and strong rooted beliefs
68.i am impatient
69.i love a good movie
70.i am not matchy matchy at all, i love to mix color
71.i love the color green husband and i laugh all of the time
73.i never shop at walmart
74.i would go crazy without tivo
75.i love giving gifts
76.i am a night owl
77.i love to take baths
78.i never imagined that becoming a mother would change me like it has

79.i love reminiscing
80.i am extremely sentimental
81.i am grateful
82.i love pepsi
83.i love the summertime and warm weather
84.i am excited about the future
85.i have never broken a bone
86.i love printing my photos at home
87.i am really good at tony hawk on xbox
88.i love magazines
89.i love having a little girl

90.i love going to the town i grew up in
91.i am always pushing myself
92.i love seeing my husband and brother as fathers, my sister as an auntie, brother as unkie and mom and dad as grandparents
93.i am so excited to have a new baby
94.i am forgetful
95.i am unorganized
96.i love fondue
97.i love collections
98.i am obsessed with good frosting
99.i am so grateful to finally be feeling good again
100.i want to be better in so many aspects of life


Mary said...

You forgot one...101. I am a wonderful daughter and my Mother loves me so much.

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun reading your list! I didn't know you went to Japan in H.S.
I might try to come up with 100 things....thanks for the idea! :)

Jen said...

this was fun to read I think the one thing i didn't know was that you like fresh sheets. So do I!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like Good & Plenty's too! Something about that licorice flavor that is just, Yummy!!

I can play the flute too. That was fun to read Amy, Thanks for sharing!!

amy m said...

I'm so glad you did this. You're right we have a lot in common, but also are so very different. I so agree with never imagining motherhood would change me so much. What an amazing experience it has been. Thank for sharing. I loved learning knew things about you.

Oh yeah I want #47 too.

Anonymous said...

I loved learning all these fun new things about you too. Thanks for the idea! It was a lot of fun to do. I love the picture of you and Estee at the bottom...Don't you just love being a mom? I can't believe you were able to keep your second pregnancy a secret for so long!

Anonymous said...

Amy this was awesome! It got me thinking and I think I'll try it too! You are so talented and such a great person to have as a friend! Keep up the great, inspiring blogging!

Anonymous said...

this was my favorite post ever. i'm going to try it but i'll be using a few of yours. i don't remember if i knew about your driving test or not. but maybe that's why ann didn't take it at all.

Auntie Ann said...

I took it Sarah...just not until I was 21! I love this amy and I to will do it if i make it home tomorrow...i love you so much.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new look amy!

Darek and Amberli said...

What a great idea. This was so fun to read. I'm going to see if I can come up with 100 things about me that are worth posting!

Amy D. said...

I love your quirky little self.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE post more pictures of you and Ann as little girls. I LOVE those!

Anonymous said...

This was SO fun to read.

Frederique said...

Amy, I loved reading your list. So fun to get to know people better. I know for myself that what I let see of myself through of my shots can be a different me.

Crystalyn said...

wow amy...we have a lot in common! it was fun to read your list and get to know a little bit more about you.