Thursday, March 29, 2007

so happy...

well we made it... the flight was actually not as bad as it has been in the past, i think estee having her own seat made a big difference, she was pretty proud of herself and looking like such a big girl in her seat. she defiantly had her moments but overall we did great!

we have been having such a great time and of course estee just loves being here and getting spoiled by my parents!

thought i would share a couple photos, this first one is just of a weird plant in my grandma's backyard... i just loved that it is shaped like a perfect heart... this one was actually for an assignment for the workshop i mentioned i am taking... i know my grandma probably wont like it for all of the reasons i love it, to me she is the most beautiful woman in the world...
chris and sister and her boyfriend are all coming tomorrow... i cant wait.

and yes ann and i still call eachothers husbands boyfriends because husband sounds way to grown up... dont you think?

Monday, March 26, 2007

wish me luck...

estee and i are heading to california tomorrow to visit my parents for a week... i am dreading the flight but am prepared with dora dolls, books and lots and lots of treats. chris is flying in on friday for the weekend and we fly back together so i just need to get through tomorrow, hence the title of this post... i'm going to need it!

i took the photo this afternoon, i just started a creative lighting workshop all about using sun in really cool creative ways... its being taught by some seriously amazing photographers and i am really excited about all that i can learn from them.

i really have no business blogging... lots of packing to do, hope everyone has a great night!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

my girls...

ann was out of town this weekend and estee missed her in a big way, she kept grabbing the
phone saying "auntie, auntie" i had to laugh because i felt the urge to call her just as often...

i love that she is such a part of both of us.

Friday, March 23, 2007

love this little guy...

i had the pleasure of photographing my friend jen's little boy blake yesterday, we had a great day and he just loved the camera, lucky for me!

here are a few of my favorites...

and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big brother mark... he is 30 today and probably has no clue how much i love him!!!!
hope your day is great mark... you deserve it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

not much to say...

i have been keeping busy picking out things for both the nursery and estee's new big girl room... cant wait until progress is made and i can share, for now its just fabric swatches and paint chips.

i also have the whole basement to decorate (including my studio) and i only have 3 months to do it... getting a bit nervous!

anyways, here are a few of estee from the other day...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


will she ever really know how much i love her?

Sunday, March 18, 2007


i was always too nervous to give my camera to anyone to take our picture on our trip, luckily chris had his camera which we did actually have a few people stop and take our photo together with (we have yet to download the pictures off his camera yet!) but i did snap a few self portraits... just for fun. i was always looking for a mirror or reflective glass to take a picture in... here are a few favorites...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

all sorts of pregnant...

i am suddenly looking so very pregnant, as you can see.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

i heart venice...

seriously, if you have never been... go as soon as you can. Venice is gorgeous, i mean seriously breathtakingly beautiful... every single part of it and all around you can just see the age etched into every inch of the landscape, just gorgeous.

we arrived in venice at about 9am after a 12 hour overnight train ride from paris... it was a long night in really cramped quarters in a bed that felt like a wooden plank but luckily we were so tired we actually did get some sleep. we shared our cabin on the train with a very kind french couple who spoke virtually no english at all but did manage to put the words together "venice is magical" and boy were they right. probably the most vivid memory of the whole trip that i will always remember is the boat ride from the train station to our hotel, we were in awe just looking at the beauty surrounding us not even talking, just looking around and taking it all in. we were able to check in to our hotel when we arrived because the man saw that i was pregnant and pulled out all the stops ( i was seriously treated like a queen everywhere i went in both paris and venice because i was pregnant... no waits in museums for restrooms, always got a seat on the metro etc.)
our hotel was really, really fancy in venice it was a bit of a splurge but so worth it because the staff was so nice and our room was so luxurious. we filled up on a big breakfast at our hotel, cleaned up and headed out, we walked to the piazzo san marco and toured the beautiful cathedral, we then went to the doge's palace where we spent quite a bit of time... it is really big and is not only a palace but is also where all of the government business took place and also was a prison. there was some really beautiful artwork and the prisons were a little spooky but very cool, i also liked the room that they had all of the prisoners artwork displayed. after the palace we had a nice lunch, walked around went into some shops and headed back to our hotel where the concierge had made us dinner reservations at a nearby restaurant (they booked every dinner for us and they were all out of this world)

the next morning we woke up with plans of another day of art. we started by going to the gallerie dell'accademia which is actually an old church and convent that now houses the best of the old venetian art, another big museum with such beautiful works, like i said i love old religious art and there was a lot of that here, not to mention the audio guide was very detailed and gave a lot of history on some of the pieces which we really enjoyed. after that we went to see the peggy guggenheim collection this was a fabulous exhibit and quite a change from the pieces we had just seen considering it was all modern/ contemporary.

after the peggy Guggenheim collection we headed over to the ca'pesaro museum that was hosting a huge picasso exhibit... so extensive with photographs and his sketches and even his pottery. this was a fabulous exhibit in such a cool building and it also featured a pop art collection that was so unbelievable and creative, this was one of my favorites of the trip. this is the night of my favorite dinner of the trip in a delicious little restaurant right on a gorgeous canal. we ate fresh spaghetti, steaks, tons of cheeses, creme brulee (chris had lobster) such a great night. I'm sure most of you know that there are no cars at all in venice so the sound there is like nothing else, so quiet and tranquil you don't even realize the noise of living around cars until you are not around them anymore.

the next morning we headed to the island of mureno where the Venetian glass is made. we went by water taxi (by the way the weather was absolutely perfect the whole time, clear skies and 80 degrees) it was very cool to watch them make the glass, heat it, form it, blow it. we then walked through the showroom and even splurged on a beautiful vase. when we returned we finally took a gondola ride, oh i loved this so much, riding through the skinny canals listening to the gondolier sing and taking in the beautiful sights all around. that evening we went to the arsenale which was a place chris had heard about and wanted to go to, there wasn't much there but again everything in venice is gorgeous.

we left venice early the next morning and stopped in germany for 4 hours and then on to Chicago for 3 hours and then finally home (24 hours of travel) it was a long day but what a trip it was... i'm still basking in the memory of it all!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

another long day at the park...

she is obsessed with the park across the street from our house and no matter how long we stay it is never long enough... she loves to run up and down the big hill and loves watching me chase her.

one thing is for sure, we are both loving this warm weather...

a small victory...

there is something so magical that happens for me every time i take a photograph of estee... its hard to explain but for me it is like a victory with ever push of my shutter. it's the joy in the realization that it was not just another fleeting moment but one i have taken for me, to hold on to, to remember. its proof... proof of her little existence and proof of how important every detail of it is to me.

fancy usually tries to keep her distance from estee but every once in a while she cant resist... but really who could?

Monday, March 12, 2007

the doors...

i have always had a thing for doors, in fact i love to photograph subjects in front of any cool door i can find, so paris was a real treat (except for the fact i didn't have a subject to photograph) every door on every building is exquisite, beautiful color, amazing carvings and tons of rod iron... here are just a few...

we had a busy weekend, Friday we went to dinner with friends and then to the home and garden expo. Saturday we went to dinner with chris's parents and yesterday we spent the afternoon with ann and adam... plus we have a ton to do today. but i am making it a priority to take estee out and get some shots of her, i really miss photographing her and feel like it has been forever. Hopefully she will cooperate and i will have something to share!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

where do i even begin?...

i am finally feeling back to normal after a couple of nights of no sleep and a messed up schedule. my mom went home this morning and i miss her already, estee is struggling a bit too... she has asked for her grandma all day, poor girl. i am still getting lots and lots of loves because she is so happy to have me back.
i am excited to share all about our trip, hopefully you dont get too bored because i took alot of photos and we kept really, really busy like non-stop all day everyday.
our trip started in paris, after a looong night of travel in very uncomfortable seats we arrived in paris at around noon, checked into our hotel and headed out... first stop the eiffel tower. We famillarized ourselves with the metro station the first day and it was our only mode of transportation our entire time in paris (there was a metro stop right across from our hotel) we didn't want to go to the top of the tower until it was night time so we just hung out and walked around the park, had a great lunch at a little cafe (we had a great book with fabulous restaurant recomendations so all of the food we ate was out of this world) and then went to the famous champs elysees. We walked around the arc de triomphe, shopped a bit, got a crepe filled with chocalate and sugar and whipped creme (we had one a day!) and just soaked it in... after a great dinner we called it a night because we had a ton planned for the next day... flowers on the street, paris, france

the next morning we had breakfast at our hotel, just one of the things i love about paris is the breakfast... fresh croissonts and breads (some even filled with chocalate) fancy cheeses (oh the cheese...) hot chocalate, waffles with nutella, oh i could go on and on... after breakfast we headed out for musee d'orssay this was the museum i was the most excited about before we came and it did not dissapoint. The museum is all the works of impressionists from degas, monet, manet, pissaro to van gough and renoir (i am going to dedicate an entire post to just the art that we saw in 10 museums in total that we visited, seriously mind blowing!)

eiffel tower, paris, france

after musee d'orsay we went to the georges-pompidou center where the musee national d'art moderne is which houses an extensive collection of modern art (i particularly loved the photography galleries, so inspiring) by the time we had been through both museums our feet hurt and we were really hungry so we had lunch and then went to see notre dame and sainte chappelle

a typical street corner in paris, france

i have such a thing for religous art and and all of the gothic architecture and the beautiful stained glass. they were such gorgeous cathedrals and all that you would imagine them to be. it had been raining a little bit on and off all day and so the sky was gorgeous and when the sun peeked through the clouds it was such a sight. we had a fancy dinner that night and then went to bed.

renoir works in musee d'orsay, paris, france

notre dame cathedral, paris, france

stained glass in notre dame, paris, france

chris in awe looking at sainte chappelle cathedral, paris, france

the next day was our anniversary and we planned on spending most of it in the famous louve museum, we set out early and spent nearly 5 hours in there (could have spent more time in there too) i still cant wrap my mind around some of the art we layed our eyes on, the venus de milo, winged victory (took my breath away), the dying slave (michelangelo), and of couse di vinci's mona lisa. we had planned on having dinner at le grand coulbert (where the last scenes in somethings gotta give are filmed) but when we got there they were full and we didn't have reservations but thanks to our trusty book we still had a delicious and very romantic dinner. after dinner we went back to the eiffel tower and watched it twinkle and took the ride to the top, it was cold and crowded but such an amazing expierence and a great way to celebrate our 4th anniverary... together, at the top of the eiffel tower.

taking a break in the louve museum, paris, france

looking out the pyramid in the louve museum, paris, france
the next morning we caught a train to the chateau de versailles it is actually about 20 miles outside of the city but so worth the trip. The palace was so beautiful with the most gorgeous fresco painted ceilings and fabrics and paintings like you wouldnt believe. after the tour of the palace we went to explore the gardens that were not adorned with the usual flowers and fountains (because of the season) but were still amazing.

a bycicle lined street, paris, france
a beautiful sight, versaillies garden, paris, france
inside the versailles palace, paris, france
the gardens of versailles, paris, france

after our trek to versailles we headed up to the montmarte area of town where the sacre coeur cathedral is. It is a really cool area with tons of artists all around painting and a lot of shopping, we walked around there and then headed back to our hotel to pick up our bags and catch our train to venice (an overnight train that left at 9pm) we were really sad to leave paris but so excited for venice and felt that we got to see most of what we had planned (of course paris has so much history and so much to do there is always more) but little did we know what was in store for us when we stepped off that train... i should warn you there will be some serious raving and gushing in my next post because i am crazy in love with venice...