Thursday, April 12, 2007

non stop...

i have been seriously busy the last couple of days, not busy like i am out doing a ton of stuff but more just here at home finishing projects and doing things i have been putting off for months. now that i have my new computer i cleaned off my old one, this has been a long and painful task due to the fact that i have some serious anxiety over deleting photos... even if they are backed up. so i ordered hundreds (literally) of prints and made a ton of CDs and backed up everything to an external hard drive, feels really good to have that done.

so i found a few gems i don't think i have shared and thought i would...

estee and grandma march,2007

venice, italy, 2007

venice, italy, 2007

estee, april 2007

ann and i, guessing about 1985?

i also found a little time to scrapbook a bit so i will share my layout just as soon as it is done, my poor estee is sick and we are getting no sleep so i have just been staying up working on projects and scouring the Internet for nursery/ big girl room/ basement stuff. i am getting really excited about some of the things i am going to do in my studio... its a really small space but should be very cool.

hope everyone is doing well!!!


amy m said...

I am glad you finally got your photos back up into an external hard drive and on to CD. That would have kept me up at night, especially after almost loosing my HD.

Funny, I have been doing the very same thing, going through and deleting/organizing/ordering prints. Feels good to finally get that done. The photo of estee and your mom is a gem, of course so is the one of you and ann. I just love old photos.

sarah marie said...

i love nothing more than pictures of you and ann when you were little. and i'm OBSESSED with that shoot you did of estee with her hair blowing. obsessed.

gaw said...

Ok, you're going to treasure that picture of Estee and your mom forever! Get better soon Estee, we miss you!

Anonymous said...

Your photography seriously amazes me!