Wednesday, July 18, 2007

home again...

we have had a long, scary week. our little simone was admitted to the hospital last wed., she was fussy and irritable and had a fever... little did i know what we would be in for.

we were in the hospital for 6 days, 6 days i am sure that have forever changed me. she had spinal taps, ivs, catheders and a whole lot of other terrible things. so many tests were run and it seemed she just kept getting worse and worse, heart rate going higher and higher, temperature rising and more and more fuss.

after a whole lot of worry and a few looong days with no answers and no sleep, we are home. simone was released monday with a picc line (internal IV) and we have to give her antibiotics every six hours for 10 days. they were never really able to nail down a diagnosis except for meningitis (everything they tested for came back negative) they are treating for the worse kind (bacterial) but thinking it was viral?? she is doing so great and we were so blessed to have her make such a quick and miraculous recovery after she was doing so badly. we are also very blessed that we caught it so early, she was admitted to the hospital only about 6 hours after she first started having symptoms. the doctors have reassured me that she will be just fine and that she will make a full recovery.

i was also admitted to the emergency room our third night there because i started bleeding and wouldn't stop... after shots, ultra sounds and a prescription of pills i was released and walked back upstairs to be by my little girls side, i seem to be doing better and am hoping nothing further needs to be done. i am so grateful for the peace and calm i was blessed with throughout this ordeal, i have truly gained a stronger testimony in the power of prayer... the peace and strength it brought to me literally got me through each moment.

i know that i have learned so much from this experience. my faith is stronger than ever, i am so much more grateful and aware of my blessings and i know that i could never have gotten through this without the lord and my family.

my mom... she has been my rock, my safe place, and my strength, she stayed with me every single night sleeping in recliners literally sleeping 1 hour a night. she was strong when no one else was, she was my support and i dont think she will ever know how much i needed her.

thank you so much to all of you for your phone calls, thoughts, and prayers they were truly answered and we are so happy to be home as a family again.

here are a few of my little angel, home... safe and sound...

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