Friday, March 28, 2008


well, i wish i had something exciting to share or post but really there just isn't too much going on over here... besides the day to day busyness of course!

here are a few photos from the past week...

the first two are from this morning, estee had to go outside (even though it was freezing) she put on this gettiup and declared she was "all ready" i couldnt believe she lasted almost 30 min.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

catch up...

here are a few photos from the last week, we have been having way too much fun, and my pretty little girls have had to put up with me taking a million photos of them a day.

oh and happy easter!!! and happy birthday to my big brother mark... i love you!

estee and livi at the zoo...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

southern california...

i am going april 10th through april 16th i am doing a couple of photo shoots and i have a few days available if any one is interested? email me at (link on my sidebar) i have probably 3 spots open but it does depend on location.

also, here are a few from the other day of estee, she has actually been letting me take photos of her the last few days so i have more to share later.

and can you handle these silhouettes of my girls? i got them done at disneyworld and i am obsessed with them, i have big plans!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

brace yourself...

for a serious overload of photos.

we had THE BEST time in florida... beautiful weather, happy kids, and disney magic as far as the eye could see, what could be better?

estee loved meeting all of the princesses and the animal kingdom was like her dream come true. simone loved the rides (giggled the whole time) and her comfy stroller that she napped like a champ in.

i am convinced the only thing better than being a kid at disneyland is being with your kids at disneyland.

now for the photos...

my personal favorite

Saturday, March 01, 2008

skiing, florida, anniversaries...

i woke up this morning to estee jumping all over me. i could not get my eyes to open, like they would really not open i was so tired. chris says to me "happy anniversary" i am not sure what i say back if anything (i am a bit grumpy in the morning) then he says (like its no big deal) "we are going to disney world tomorrow morning" well needless to say that woke me right up, he has taken care of every detail down to getting birth certificates for the girls and even calling our pediatrician to see about anything we can do to make the long flight easier on them (not really necessary but still very cute!). we are going to be spending 4 days in orlando, florida basking in the 80 something degree weather... what a guy.

we had planned on going skiing so we headed up to solitude and spend a good part of the day there, what a treat for the two of us to spend a little one on one time on our fifth wedding anniversary doing something that chris LOVES!!!!

anyways here are a few from the day...

and now 5 things about chris that i love...

1. he calls me sweetie even when he is mad at me.

2. he dreams really big, and almost all of the time he finds a way to make these big dreams come true.

3. he is a big kid.

4. he is an adorable father, and wants a million kids.

5. i know he would do anything in the world for me.