Thursday, August 28, 2008

silent auction... tragic.

it's one of those things you hear and it just stays with you, if you haven't heard about stephanie and her husband christian you can go here for more details.

so i am hosting an auction with 100% of the proceeds going to the Stephanie & Christian Paypal fund.

here is the deal,

i am auctioning off a 1-2 hour photoshoot with me at the location of your choice (must be in slc-provo area) and all of the digital images on a high resolution c.d. (about 40-50) plus i am going to throw in an 8x10 to sweeten the deal!

if you are in just leave a comment with the price you want to bid, since i am leaving for italy tomorrow (or rather later today... yikes!) ann is going to close the auction at 11pm mountain time tonight. whomever is the highest bidder wins the shoot.

i will contact the winner to set up the shoot when i get back in town!

good luck!


Melanie said...

I'm not sure what you usually charge, and I'm sure I'm seriously under-bidding, but I'd love to start it off at $100.00.

Jill said...


a great cause and a great auction. have a great trip!

sheena said...


have SO much fun!!!

Heather Willden said...


Jessica Kettle said...

$ I am so glad to see so many people are doing this!


Jen said...

$300 have so much fun on your trip! I am jealous

Mandy said...


Nancy said...

This is a great opportunity for a wonderful cause and some awesome photos!


Kara said...

we are visiting in october, if doing the shoot then is possible then i would be thrilled.


Nancy said...

I want this!


Kara said...

me too...$450

Nancy said...

The 10:01 is Pacific Time (bidding closes at 11:00 Mountain Time) I live in Pacific Time so actually you were a minute late. That's cool because since the $ goes to a good cause however I am willing to match the amount for the photo shoot.