Monday, September 29, 2008

oh no...

i bawled my head off after i dropped estee off at pre school today because she ran up to a little girl and said "hi" (with the biggest smile i have ever seen plastered on her face) and the girl gave her a dirty look and walked away.

i know, i know, its a bit dramatic and i am fully aware that it is really no big deal.

but still, her little feelings were hurt... probably for the first time ever.

i gave her a big kiss and promised her an ice cream cone after school and she was good to go...

oh how i wish ice cream and kisses would always do the trick.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

my little new soul...

still her favorite song...

i could cry.

Friday, September 26, 2008


i have been looking for some artwork for my bedroom, i really want two larger pieces (like bigger than an 8x10 for the two empty walls... please, please tell me what artist you are loving and where i can find them!!!!

here is my room so far to get an idea.

and here is a shot of my powder bath, i still need to change the faucet and i am going to paint all of my cabinets.

you cant really tell but my shades in there are so fabulous, they are vintage and are a brown and gold. also, my towels are old stock but i got them brand new and i am obsessed with them... straight out of the seventies.

and now a few of my girlies...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

something special...

of course i have something special with both of my girls... thats what i think is so amazing about my love for them, the love is the same but with something special added on to make each relationship unique and extra special.

simone had my heart from the second i laid eyes on her, i could feel her sweet spirit and knew that our family needed her.

and then she got sick.

i can hardly even think of those 8 days in the hospital without my heart falling into my stomach. but i do know that because of those days i am a different person and a different mother.

i thank my father in heaven everyday that she is here with me, on this earth, for me to raise.

each day with this precious girl is a gift and i never, ever want to take it for granted.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

most days i have my camera with me almost all day. this morning i was laying on the floor clutching it as these girls were bouncing around the basement like little animals... i wanted to capture it just right so i played around a bit.

i think these do the job.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


on friday i took estee to the hobby lobby and let her pick out paint for this giant two inch wrapped canvas i had promised her she could paint. she was so serious about picking out her colors and SO excited to get home and get busy.

i painted it a solid blue to start with so other than that it is every bit her. it was so fun to watch her little creative mind work, she even did some jackson pollock action on it.

i am absolutely in love with what she created.

we named it "itsy bitsy spider" can you see why?

everytime someone comes over she races them to the dining room and shows them her painting, i think she loves it almost as much as i do.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

this week...

listening to this nonstop on my ipod.

hung out with this cute family today.

went here for dinner tonight... too good.

estee is running around in these now. obsessed.

auntie made one of these especially for simone.

sister and i are planning a trip here for our birthday weekend to see this. just the two of us.

gearing up for this guys big birthday bash tomorrow... a cotton candy machine is involved.

went and saw this last night all by myself. chris made me, he said it was way too good to not see on the big screen... he was right.

sat in line for three hours to get into a class taught by this guy... well worth it, only 18 spots and i was number 11 (about 100 people came and got turned away) unbelievable. cant wait.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

tiny dancer...

way too many firsts going on in our house... dont get me wrong, there is nothing i enjoy more than watching these little girls grow and learn, but cant i just stretch it out just a bit longer?

estee always throws out her arms and says "look it mommy, i'm all growing up"

and what an amazing little person she is growing up to be.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

orange day...

it was orange day at estee's preschool today. she takes her color days very seriously.

oh and she is not allowed to jump on my couch... little stinker.

also, i got the girls each a pair of TOMS (click on name for link) a month or so ago, seriously they are so cute and comfy and simone is absolutly obsessed with hers. anyway, for every pair you buy they donate a pair... so if you need shoes for you or your kids this is the place to get them.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


i am way behind in posting my recent shoots... this one was a breeze because this little boy could not take a bad picture and LOVED being in front of the camera. made my job real easy.

thanks for having me shoot your perfect family shelley.

will kara and nancy (the winners of the nie auction) email me pretty please?

i thought i had your emails but i dont!

look forward to hearing from you!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

these two...

i couldn't imagine doing anything or being anywhere that would bring me more happiness than these two do everyday. i love being their mom so much it is crazy.

i love them so much it is crazy.

we have way too much fun together, and every time i hug both of them at the same time estee giggles and says "i love you guys so much" wonder where she learned that line?

and now for the winner of the giveaway...

i was dying when estee picked the name...

i know you cant see but it's erin my sister in law! email me which one you want and i'll get it right out to you...
thanks so much for all the comments, i will be updating the shop soon with a few so be sure and look for them!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

for fun...

***the giveaway is still going on until friday night on the post below so be sure and scroll down.

i took these from the bike as we were scooting around santorini, the landscape was of course beautiful and the colors so dream like.

i slowed my shutter way down and cranked my iso for these and was happy to see they turned out just as i had hoped.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

our trip...

where do i even begin?
i guess i can just say it was perfect.
really, it was the perfect trip.
chris and i had so much fun and really, he is too good to me.
we seriously acted like teenagers and pretty much stayed up partying all night every night.
how do i even begin to thank him for making all my dreams realities?
love you sweetie.

just a few details... we went on a royal caribbean cruise leaving out of venice, italy we were able to stay a couple of days in venice and then sailed away on to dubrovnik, croatia; kusadasi, turkey; santorini, greece and corfu, greece.

the cruise end of the trip was amazing and so much fun and the ports of call were beautiful and out of this world. i would recommend this itinerary to anyone... like i said, it was perfect! :)

now on to the photos!

***i am going to do a little giveaway... to give me an idea of what photos to put in the shop, leave a comment telling me your 3 favorite. i will have estee randomly pick a name on saturday morning and the winner will get an 8x10 of their favorite one!

venice, italy
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dubrovnik, croatia
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Photobucket Image Hosting

kusadasi, turkey
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Photobucket Image Hosting

santorini, greece
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Photobucket Image Hosting

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corfu, greece
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Photobucket Image Hosting

and a couple from the ship...

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