Saturday, September 20, 2008

this week...

listening to this nonstop on my ipod.

hung out with this cute family today.

went here for dinner tonight... too good.

estee is running around in these now. obsessed.

auntie made one of these especially for simone.

sister and i are planning a trip here for our birthday weekend to see this. just the two of us.

gearing up for this guys big birthday bash tomorrow... a cotton candy machine is involved.

went and saw this last night all by myself. chris made me, he said it was way too good to not see on the big screen... he was right.

sat in line for three hours to get into a class taught by this guy... well worth it, only 18 spots and i was number 11 (about 100 people came and got turned away) unbelievable. cant wait.


sarah marie. said...

like that song but the video is whackadoodle. (love when suede uses that word on project runway).

leah's pictures are amazing!

the pizzeria is the bomb everyone should go there everyday twice.

estee's shoes are too cute for words. and too fancy.

love the onsie ann made as always.

so fun for you both to go to that show in vegas. that's the city of love you know.

so excited for the party tonight.

hilarious that you just saw dark night.

and are you taking an upholstery class! can't wait for you to teach me.

sarah marie. said...

hey how about my bonus comment?!

cyndi said...

So for real how do you get into an upholserting class? Have you done it before can't wait to see what you do!

Auntie Ann said...

Cant wait for the forgot to tell everyone why we are going to see Chris Angel...Sister thinks he's a very fine and beautiful honey...thought you all should know.

Mary said...

you both think he is fine and beautiful...good blog dipster!


Thanks again for the pics! loved the pics you posted about! those are awesome!