Wednesday, September 10, 2008

our trip...

where do i even begin?
i guess i can just say it was perfect.
really, it was the perfect trip.
chris and i had so much fun and really, he is too good to me.
we seriously acted like teenagers and pretty much stayed up partying all night every night.
how do i even begin to thank him for making all my dreams realities?
love you sweetie.

just a few details... we went on a royal caribbean cruise leaving out of venice, italy we were able to stay a couple of days in venice and then sailed away on to dubrovnik, croatia; kusadasi, turkey; santorini, greece and corfu, greece.

the cruise end of the trip was amazing and so much fun and the ports of call were beautiful and out of this world. i would recommend this itinerary to anyone... like i said, it was perfect! :)

now on to the photos!

***i am going to do a little giveaway... to give me an idea of what photos to put in the shop, leave a comment telling me your 3 favorite. i will have estee randomly pick a name on saturday morning and the winner will get an 8x10 of their favorite one!

venice, italy
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dubrovnik, croatia
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kusadasi, turkey
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santorini, greece
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corfu, greece
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and a couple from the ship...

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carin davis said...

looks like an AMAZING trip!!!!! fun to see it through your lens...

i must be in a domestic groove but i LOVE

1. women weaving
2. clothes line
3. clothes line between the yellow buildings!


Em said...

I'm digging

The blue chairs
The women weaving (awesome detail)
the closeup of the clothsline

Thanks for sharing, they were fun to see.

Jennifer said...

1. closeup clothesline
2. blue door with ocean in the background
3. women weaving

i'm jealous. gorgeous photos, it was tough to choose!

Marostica said...

I love ...
The river running through the city in Venice, and both of the laundry hangings in Greece. You got some great pictures!

Heather-Rita said...

oh seriously Amy...these are stunning! I can't wait to hear all about your trip! Sounds like the best itinerary ever!!!

I'm putting in my favorite three...
1- woman weaving
2- blue chairs
3- Piazza San Marco
4- Turkish Delight
5- Clothes line-closeup
6- Buggy thingy
7- That vine thing with the lanterns...

I could go on and on...and keep in mind I went to a highschool where the math teacher was only there because he was the wrestling three and seven are pretty much the same thing...sorry

{lizzythebotanist} said...

blue & green windows on white wall
women weaving

beautiful photos!

.caroline armelle. said...

looks like it was a fab time!

and, love your belt in the third to last picture... i have the same one in navy blue.

my top three.

hard to choose..

1.clothesline one in greece
2.the ladies weaving
3. one in greece over looking ocean with building with blue door.

love them all!
you'll have to tell me all about your trip! i'm dying to go to greece.

Kelly said...

Hi Amy! I love your pictures, all the places look so beautiful. What a lucky girl you are:) I LOVE the blue door (1) and the close up of the linens (2) and the one of all the white homes on the cliff (3).

(pick me, Estee!)



I want to win :)


the two looking through the brick window/wall things

and then the blue door overlooking the ocean


TX Girl said...

Like many others
1. the woman weaving
2. the clothes line (the second photo)
3. the blue chairs

It looks like an amazing trip. As usual, you have stunning photos documenting your trip.

Casey said...

So hard to choose! Love them all!

But, here we go:
1. Blue door in Greece
2. Looking through the window in Croatia
3. women weaving

Glad i found your blog! Love your photography!

RebeccaCook said...

my favorite is the clothes line, followed closely by the ladies and
the yarn, followed by the stacks of turkish delights!

birdonthelawn said...

confessions of an admirer....

I love:
1. the dish towels
2. the women at the looms
3. the street framed by the lanterned vines.

keep shooting- you are amazing.

Stacy said...

The pictures were all so beautiful!! It was so hard to pick only three! I love the ocean view one with the mountains in the background with the blue door. Then the Venice, Italy one that is black and white with the tower off to the left. And then the Corfu, Greece that is in the alley way looking up at the clothes line. The women weaving was so beautiful too with so much detail!! I'm glad you had a fun trip!!

Stacy said...
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Kateastrophe said...

OH I am so jealous. I've looked at that cruise so many times and almost booked it . . . now I'm inspired to actually do it!

I love the first picture of Croatia
The women weaving and the clothes line the best but I also love the black and white of the Venice skyline, the blue door and the bouganvilla . . . and all of them!!

Knudson Family said...

Beautiful pictures!
My faves:
Black & White of the city
the narrow colorful street
the last clothesline

Emily and Jeremy said...

your photos are all so amazing and so artistic. here are my fave three in order:

1) Blue chairs in Venice
2) 2 Ladies weaving in Kusadasi, Turkey
3) building with columns in ruins in Kusadasi, Turkey.


Katrin said...

This looks like it was sooooo much fun! I remember it well; going to all these places while I still lived in Germany. And now all is so far away living over here. BTW, I tagged you and do hope you are in a playing mood.

Kyle and Lesley said...

Looks like an amazing trip!

1. Black and white of San Marco Piazza, Venice
2. Women at the loom. amazing.
3.Laundry line in Corfu

Best put a lot of these in the shop. They're gonna fly...

The Nguyen Family said...

all these pictures are so so favorite 3 are:
1.women weaving
2. the one w/ all the building w/ the word restaurant
3.mountain w/ the ocean and the blue door

Elyse said...

I really like
1) close up of laundry
2) Blue windows with the bike
3) Women weaving

truly impossible to really choose just three. There are so many that would look great in a collection together... can't wait to see which ones you put on ETSY. I have visions on my bare walls already... =>

The Cary's said...

1. Clothes line
2. closed old doors looking over the city.
3.White building with blue and green windows.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photography. Amazing...

Lindsey Jaye Pope Parry said...

looks like a great trip.....

sunset from the boat
boats through the hole in the wall
clothes line....

Leah said...

Um, the women weaving--AMAZING!

Jessica Kettle said...

wow. how's a girl to choose??! These are all so beautiful and I totally have travel-envy.

I vote:

the last one of that door in venice


the first clothesline shot in corfu


btw amy, I am a photographer as well and your work is totally inspiring. I would love to book a session- how far out are you booked?

cindy said...

I love love love them all! My three favorites are:

1. laundry between the buildings in Greece

2. pinkish building/doorway in Venice

3. blue chairs in Venice

Hope Estee picks me! :)

Audrey said...

1. the one from Venice, the landscape with lots of sky
2. the one with the boats on the shore
3. in greece, the iron door.

denise said...

Great shots - I particularly like...
the blue chairs
women weaving
blue green shutters

sheena said...

these are FABULOUS!!!

1. the women weaving--I LOVE the yarn!!!
2. the scooter going down the hill
3. The clothesline is PERFECT. Beautiful shot!!

allison said...

they are all very pretty. my favorites are:

the clothesline
the dome with the cross in greece (the white one that's one the left of the frame)
and last but not least, the lady with the spindles weaving rugs? right?


bhanna said...

I love all of your pictures!! how is a girl to decide??

Well, if i have to choose my top three, they would be:

1) the women weaving
2) the view from window (dubrovnik, croatia)
3) the blue and green windows

I love your pictures, they always put a smile on my face!

Wright Life said...

Beautiful pictures! I wish I was as talented as you!
Top 3:
Blue & Green Shutters (santorini, greece)
Narrow street with clothes hanging (corfu, greece)
B&W city view (venice, italy)

Auntie Ann said...

I want the one in Turkey with the lanterns...PERFECT!

I love the one of the woman making the rugs also!

sarah marie. said...

amazing as always.

1. the blue chairs in venice
2. the door in venice
3. the gate door in santorini
4. the towels drying in corfu

sorry couldn't narrow it down to three. the last one is probably my favorite.

Lisa and Mark said...

towels drying is my fave, artistically. but i love the one of the guy on the scooter in santorini.

Jill said...

my faves:

b+w of buildings in venice

color of venice showing canals

color of turkey street fairs showing lanterns

but really only choosing three? impossible.

nicole said...

I love the one of the two women weaving, the shot of the blue and green shutters, and the landscape to the left of that one. They are all gorgeous!

Kathy said...

So hard to choose...
blue chairs in Venice
First Croatia picture
Boats in Croatia

The trip sounds amazing!

Andrea said...

They are all amazing!!!

I love..
1.The fifth black and white in Italy
2.The second one of all the houses in santorini, greece
3.The close up clothes line

You are one lucky girl!!! I would love to do a trip like this for my ten year anniversary! I'll have to call you to get all of the details.

And yes that is Natalie's brother Brad in those pictures and he's 22. And Natalie's little sister Jana is in the one with her and she is in College now! I trip out every time I am around them. And yes we are getting old! :) Are you and Ann going to the reunion...There is a slight possibility that I might be able to go now.

Kara said...

they are all amazing! hard to pick just 3.

-women weaving
-marketplace with lanterns hanging in greenery
-colorful boats along shore line.

thanks for extending the Nie auction to me even though i was a minute late :) i am excited.

Megan from Etsy said...

how do you pick just 3??????

I guess I would have to say:
1) The rustic door from Italy
2) The lanterns hanging in Turkey
3) The blue door, with pink flowers overlooking the ocean in Greece (AMAZING PICTURE)!

thanks for the auction!

Jennifer Bowman said...

Huge fan of your photos! Found you through your etsy that too!

Okay my 3 favs:
1) View of the city through a hole in wall
2) The blue door overlooking the ocean in Greece
3) The picture of building with a cross on it overlooking the ocean

Thanks for the excited, hope I get lucky!

La said...

such gorgeous pics!
my fav's are
1-blue chairs in venice
2-blue and green shutters in greece
3-blue door in greece
4-wrought iron doors in greece

obviously i have a thing for blue!

i hope i win!

Kelly said...

I love the

clothes line close up
the boats at the beach
and the paintings on the wall

what a fun have me talked into it

dubya said...

this is my dream trip! How to pick just 3 favorites?! I love all of your photos and have been harmlessly blog stalking you for a while now. If I lived in UT I'd have you take pictures for me ASAP! thanks for the giveaway! (so in no particular order)

1~croatia thru the window
2~ blue chairs
3~clothesline between the buildings
4-lamps in the trees
5-women weaving
6-santorini blue door
9-the one with the flower boxes

ronda said...

my favorites are

1. the blue chairs
2. view looking down at paintings
3. the clothesline closeup

I'm Cammi said...

they're all absolutely beautiful! i really love

1. the women weaving
2. close-up of the clothesline
3. the blue and green window on the white building

just beautiful. you just went on MY dream vacation! what good hubby! i have been looking at your blog few a month or so now and am officially jealous of your house, your trip, your imagination, your decorating skills, and your photo taking skillz. OH! and you are gorgeous to top it off! what next?

~C said...

1. turquoise chairs
2. turquoise bike
3. blue and green shutters

they're all amazing though.
quite jealous of your trip!

:) cindy

Shelley said...

1. blue chairs
2. Clothesline
3. turkish delight (or) yarn hanging with women weaving

jojo said...

so hard to choose, but if i have to...the blue chairs in venice, the side of the building with the paintings in croatia, ooh, and the pic of all the white houses/buildings in santorini.

you have an amazing gift!

kristina said...

I am so jealous! this is a trip to die for! I love ALL your pictures, but a few of my favs are
blue chairs
black and white Venice buildings
Woman weaving

Anonymous said...


These pictures are absolutely beautiful and amazing! I really love all of them.

1. The white house with the blue door. You can see the ocean in the back.
2. The village. You shot it through a building.
3. Also the other city you shot through a hole in wall


Anonymous said...


These pictures are absolutely beautiful and amazing! I really love all of them.

1. The white house with the blue door. You can see the ocean in the back.
2. The village. You shot it through a building.
3. Also the other city you shot through a hole in wall


melissa said...


I love these pics. I would be honored to win this give-a-way. My husbands grandmother living in Utah is from Dubrovnik. She is near 100 years old and still has stories of of this beautiful country although she has not been back since a young girl. I would love to win any pics from Dubrovnik as a gift for Baba. It would meant he world to the sweetest grandmother. Melissa C in N.C.

Candice, Michael, and Jordyn said...

This was hard...
Santorini, Greece- Blue and Green shutters
Venice, Italy- A view of the city with the water going through the middle.
Santorini, Greece- Sucker for the clothes lines

Love all your pictures. It looks like you had an awesome time.

Lara said...


My faves are 19, 20, 21, 22. Don't you dare make me narrow it down any more than that :)

Cassaundra said...

I have been waiting to see what great pix you got and as always you never disappoint.
Love the women weaving
the picture frames on the street in Croatia.
CANNOT wait for our family pix.
Thanks for sharing your talents.

Melissa said...

Wow...this trip looks absolutely amazing! I have to admit, I'm more than a bit jealous!

1.) the mountainside buildings (the second pic in the Santorini section)
2.) 3rd picture from top in "fun post" color shot of sea from scooter
3.) 2nd photo in croatia, through the window.

Erin said...

ummm...all of them?

1. blue chairs
2. the shots through the walls in croatia (those are my peeps, yo)
3. women weaving

i especially love those in turkey...they're so colorful

Robert & Ann Bennion said...

Hi Amy, I love looking at the photos on your blog...your trip looked beautiful! My favs were:

1) Black and White Churchy pic
2) Clothes line
3) Women weaving.
*I also really like blue window/green window.

Maybe I'll get lucky and win :)

Life in the Oliver Lane! said...

They are all amazing!
1.women weaving door in Greece
3.turkish delight

Amy Nieto said...

The giveaway is done, but I love the shot with the blue chairs, the ladies dyeing yarn (or what are they doing?) , the clothesline and every single shot of Dubrovnik, part of my family comes from there, we found out a few years ago. Can't wait to visit one day!

Claudissima said...

hello there, I have long long long admired your blog...and photography...soo exquisite......i would have to say the blue door with the ocean/greece, the red roof tops and the blury look through the cracked opening. GORGEOUS photos.....gorgeous