Wednesday, December 31, 2008


well, i am back and as you can see things are back to normal around here. i am pretty sure this is this the longest i have been without blogging in a long time... maybe ever?

we had a perfect christmas with so much family, love and tradition it almost seems like it was dream. (BIG christmas post coming soon!)

i am sure alot of you know that chris, the girls and i were in a serious car accident on our way to california. we hit a patch of black ice going about 70mph, our car did a 180 and we were basically going backwards on the freeway before we flew off the road and rolled down an embankment. we were all perfectly safe. i want to hold on to this feeling forever... the feeling that there is absolutely nothing more important in this life than family and our loved ones, that i will never ever take one second with those people for granted.

as this new year is upon me, i feel more dedicated than ever to being the best i can possibly be. i cant help but feel like heavenly father kept my family safe for a reason. there is still so much for us to do... to grow, to learn, to live.

happy new year everyone.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

tiny dancer...

estee had her dance recital yesterday and honestly i could hardly even handle the cuteness. she was so excited and got out there and danced to her hearts content, maybe even doing a little solo at the end. when she came out, after the cheering had died down and right before the music started she said in the sweetest little voice that carried through the whole auditorium... "hi daddy" needless to say, i have never seen a prouder daddy than chris. who am i kidding, i was pretty proud myself.

and now for a million photos from the day...

Friday, December 12, 2008

apparently estee is no longer satisfied with being dressed up, she now wants everyone around her decked from head to toe in princess garb...

i found monie like this on monday and the poor christmas angel was her victim today.

i think it is so funny that her technique is just the same with both of them, check out the strategically placed shoes.

this girl is one of a kind.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

moving on...

this is when i am the happiest, behind my camera capturing these two as they are... no posing, no coaching, just them. i have decided to venture on a new road with my photography. i am not sure where it will take me quite yet but i am really excited about the adventure ahead. i have found that all of my work as a paid photographer has taken a bit of the love away... now, i am falling in love all over again.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

a kiss, a hug and a high five...

this little girl really is my dream come true. she loves to ask me for a kiss, a hug and a high five like fifty times a day. we have it down so fast it looks like a secret handshake.

and that sweet face...

Monday, December 01, 2008

it's one thirty A.M.

and i cant sleep... i am not sure if britney is to blame or that steve sanders look alike on desperate housewives??? hmmm.

we had a great holiday and i still cant believe i managed to pull off my first thanksgiving without any disasters. i felt like i cooked non-stop for two days because i brined my turkey for a whole day (highly recommend) and made everything, including two pies from scratch. i honestly loved every second of it right down to making a dippy arrangement for the centerpiece of my dippy table. also, i really do feel grateful for my life, my family, my girls and the gospel. i am one happy, blessed girl.

we went to temple square on friday night to see all of the lights, it was crazy busy but so much fun. as we were leaving chris declared that he would be the photographer of the night and also informed me about a million times that he has so many skills behind a camera.

you be the judge...

and when i pulled this pose out chris informed me that the peace sign is his signature, dead serious... say what?