Monday, March 30, 2009

first of all, i have to say thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog lately, or ever really. i feel like i have gotten so many kind comments lately and i just wanted you guys to know how much they mean to me :)

i have been in yuba city taking care of my mom after her foot surgery last week... i was so happy i could be there to dote on her the way she does everyone around her. we had a blast and i already miss her but it was so sweet to see chris and the girls after almost a week away... i guess that is how it goes, always missing someone.

this photo that i came across while i was at my parents really got me thinking... i remember this day so well, it was our fourth birthday and we had a huge party. i remember perfectly that heart shaped cake my mom made and the crepe paper crowns we wore, i even remember those dresses like it were yesterday.

and my estee is going to be 4 in two months???!!! it blew my mind thinking she may remember that day so well when she is 28 years old. oh my, it's all happening too fast (and i mean my childhood and estee's) :)

do you remember your fourth birthday?????

Sunday, March 22, 2009

love at home...

this morning was really crazy, taking a shower half asleep and then running around to get everyone ready and out the door for church. as i sat down my favorite hymn was being sung and i was instantly calmed.

then this evening as i was making dinner i peeked out the window on our front door and saw this...

the words to that hymn came to my mind again...

time doth softly, sweetly glide, when there's love at home.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the playroom...

is so close to being done but i am going to post photos now and then again when it is all done :)!

this is probably my favorite space in the house, it is where the girls and i spend a good part of our day. the previous owners finished this space in the attic and it is huge. there is a darling spiral staircase in the mud room (my next big project to tackle) that leads to this glorious 600 square feet! we added the wall that the tv is on (still needs a door) and that is going to be my studio/ workspace and i couldn't be more excited about how amazing it is going to be.

a few things about this room...

remember how i said there is a spiral staircase leading to the room? well nothing, and i mean nothing big can get up there so we had to get really creative and ended up disassembling things and also lots of ikea stuff.

i love the vintage formica table i got off craigs list to make the little art station, chris not so much :)

the wallpaper has been a favorite of mine for a while and i was so happy to be able to use it in this room (graham and brown macintosh rose) and the whole opposite wall of the toys we painted with chalkboard paint... a smash hit with the girls.

the swing is another smash hit of the room, the girls are completely obsessed.

i will post again when we get the rest of the artwork hung, door up, and certainly when my workspace is complete... so much to do!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

to know her is to love her....

this is my simone aka moanie.

did you know that she has the most beautiful big blue eyes? too bad i am on a black and white kick or i would show them to you.

this little girl has such a strong little spirit.

she can also count to ten... i think it's pretty amazing.

whenever i say "i love you moanie" she says "so much" to me. i love it.

and that face... oh that face.

and she is my other best friend. forever.

and one just because i like it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the dining room...

here are a bunch of photos of my dining room... we put new light fixtures in and i got the new red chairs from anthropologie. the cross back vintage chairs were my grandmother's as was the china filling the cabinets (i need to get a photo) the art above the little sitting area are grant hamilton prints i picked up from his show at saans. the photo above the built in is by me and the one on the opposite wall is a vintage print in vintage frame (i need to get a better photo of this one, it is a really old print that was super modern at the time, i'm sure and i am obsessed with it). i plan on doing something for the built in bench below the window just haven't done it yet.

Monday, March 09, 2009

little love.

my sister called and told me how lame my blog is, i believe she actually said "every time i click on your blog and see that you haven't posted i think, she is so lame" so i am posting because of that phone call and because i have a bunch of photos of my girls from the last few weeks that i have taken.

here is my estee bug... did you know you pronounce her name ES TEA, whenever i meet people who don't know me but look at my blog they always ask me that. also, did you know that she is kind of a rebel and i am frightened about how that rebelious streak is going to be in about 10 years. also, you probably already know this is you have followed my blog for a while but this girl is truly the happiest being i have ever encountered... she is ALWAYS happy, like just by nature... happy. wakes up in the morning happy and goes to bed happy. (well most of the time)

and we are best friends forever.

i'll save simone for tomorrow :)

* and thanks so much for all the nice comments on the house... i am excited to share the rest.

Monday, March 02, 2009

the living room...

let me tell you a little about our new house. it was built in 1912 and is on the most beautiful tree lined street, in the most beautiful neighborhood. the previous owners had done everything to update it including new kitchen and bathrooms, finished the basement (although it is a shelf basement) and finished the attic that we have transformed into heaven on earth for our girls (a giant playroom) not to mention new plumbing and electrical and all that stuff. my favorite part of the house is all of the original wood work, the built-ins in almost every room, and my most favorite is the original stained glass that is throughout the house (turquoise no less)

chris actually bought this house while i was in yuba city for my 10 year high school reunion, he said when he first walked through it he knew without a doubt i would love it... he was so right.

here is a shot of what i have done with the living room, it's not the best shot because it was so dark and dreary out today, but you get the idea!

*updated the photo to a better one taken on this sunny, pretty, breezy day!

and a shot of the little sitting area just off the living room this is right ahead of you as you walk in the front.

i need to get a few pictures hung in the dining room and the wallpaper up in the playroom but hopefully will have those done by the end of the week.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

a sad day...

the day we moved (yes we moved in one day) was the craziest day of my life literally. i dont think i have ever put myself through so much, physically and emotionally.

when chris called me and told me that we were moving it was out of nowhere, i was so excited because i had been wanting to move into our new house so badly (we bought it in october) i didn't even have a moment to think about it, before i knew it we were saying goodbye to our sweet little home.

as i looked over the empty house one last time as we were walking out the door i got the biggest lump in my throat and couldn't hold back the tears. not because i was sad to be leaving but because we had been so happy there. so much happiness. our babies grew into toddlers in that home and for some reason all i could picture was estee learning to ride her bike on the tile around the kitchen.

i am so grateful to be in our new house, i couldn't love it more. but i am also so grateful for all of the joy we were able to experience in our last one.

six years.

we've been through so much together in these last six years. so glad we found each other that day in the halls. so happy i called you back after i had screened you. so happy we fell in love that very night. and two little girls later, i love you more now than ever.