Monday, March 09, 2009

little love.

my sister called and told me how lame my blog is, i believe she actually said "every time i click on your blog and see that you haven't posted i think, she is so lame" so i am posting because of that phone call and because i have a bunch of photos of my girls from the last few weeks that i have taken.

here is my estee bug... did you know you pronounce her name ES TEA, whenever i meet people who don't know me but look at my blog they always ask me that. also, did you know that she is kind of a rebel and i am frightened about how that rebelious streak is going to be in about 10 years. also, you probably already know this is you have followed my blog for a while but this girl is truly the happiest being i have ever encountered... she is ALWAYS happy, like just by nature... happy. wakes up in the morning happy and goes to bed happy. (well most of the time)

and we are best friends forever.

i'll save simone for tomorrow :)

* and thanks so much for all the nice comments on the house... i am excited to share the rest.

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