Thursday, November 12, 2009

oh chris...

*this was a draft in my posts from a few months ago, i clicked on it today and rolled. wonder why i never published it?*

estee, so proud of her drawing of daddy.

saturday night chris sat and watched the movie ray for like 5 hours (for real, commercials and all) i was off doing my own thing like entertaining the girls and getting them to bed. after i was done with my normal routine around the house we happened to meet in the kitchen and i found him with his eyes closed getting a glass out of the cupboard.

this is the conversation that then ensued...

me: what are you doing sweetie?

him: pretending to be blind.

me: (holding in the laughter) oh really? why?

him: just to see how hard it would be as his hip nails the corner of the island (concrete, ouch) eyes still closed.

me: (as i hit him in the family jewels) pretty tough i bet.

him: eyes open, not knowing to laugh or cry.

he laughed.
love that guy so much.


sarah marie. said...


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Great post. So glad you came upon it.

Dorothy & Tony said...

Dying over here...that is hilarious! Totally a Chris thing to do!!! Im going to guess that his experience being blind wasnt such a good idea after all since WIFEY totally took advantage of the perfect situation. Props to you, don't you love having fun with your Hubby, even if it is at his expense. Hahahaha!!! Love you guys!

Allison and Mason: said...

Cute. I like your posts about your husband.

Amy D. said...

So Chris and love that you posted it.

Auntie Ann said...

Your man is something else again...that is him to a t!