Wednesday, June 24, 2009

fun with the chalk wall...

i keep asking myself what is so different in my life that i cant seem to find the time to blog???

well, i guess i have been extra busy... out enjoying the nice weather and our lovely neighborhood with the girls, working out and running like a crazy person, and trying to spend every extra second i have with my brand new perfect nephew.

i am going to get back on track here. i have so much to share, like the last part of my Q&A and estee's big birthday bash to name a few. but for now here are a couple of the girls in front of their big chalkboard wall in the playroom.

this was serious business for the two of them...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy fathers day to all of the men in my life... i got the best dad a girl could ever imagine, he is the absolute best. cant wait to celebrate this year on our annual daddy daughter trip to las vegas... delmonicos????

and to my baby daddy... i love you too much. the girls are so blessed to have you behind them in everything they dream because if anyone can make them come true, it's you.

what lucky, lucky girls to have a daddy so dedicated to their happiness.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

once again i am completely and utterly in love...

this little guy had me from the moment i laid eyes on him. ann had a grueling labor but she was so strong and so amazing. jude walker harward was born on tuesday, june 16th at 11:44am he weighed 10 pounds 1 ounce. i am so grateful to adam and ann for allowing me to be there with them through it all... what a miricle it was.

now for the photos...

first moments of life

first time mom and dad got to hold him. the tear in ann's eye gets me everytime i look at it.

can you even believe he is only about 3 hours old in this photo? i cant even handle him.

so fresh and clean after his bath.

those little booties.

Monday, June 15, 2009

He's coming!

Still beautiful even in labor!! I'm at the hospital now... Can't wait to hold and kiss and love on my new nephew!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

we're waiting mister...

i cant even believe how long i have been away! i have been so crazy busy with family in town and rubbing auntie's belly trying to coax her little mister out that i have had no time to blog!

but dont give up on me yet because i have so much to share!

i was able to go see sarah's new bundle yesterday and he is just perfect. i already love little oscar so much and oh my does motherhood suit sarah well. i just loved walking into her house yesterday, you could just feel the love as you stepped through the door... there is no more magical time than bringing your baby home and just falling more and more in love. i am sure it is better than anything on this planet.

oh and sister is just waiting around past her due date with no end in sight! but that little guy better watch out because he has alot of people just waiting around to love on him... but i am first in line... well, i guess third after ann and adam... but they better be quick cause i can hardly wait.

ann on the left 40 plus weeks pregnant, and sarah loving on her boy