Wednesday, July 29, 2009

love letter to estee...

if i could just bottle you up as you are right now, i would be very tempted, estee. of course i wouldn't because i can only imagine how great it is going to be to watch you continue to grow. but you are perfection at 4 years old. i cant even handle the things you say to me on a daily basis. you are so funny, and kind, and thoughtful and good.

your little sister idolizes you and copies everything you do, and you are so good to her.

there is no limit to what you are capable of my sweet girl.

love you so much,

momma (as you call me)

simone is tomorrow... crossing my fingers she will let me take just one photo of her:)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


we have been obsessed with watching all of the michael jackson tributes and interviews that have been on t.v

we have watched this one a million times.

honestly though, it has to be one of the greatest of all time... right?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

summer fun...

i love how she just squeals with delight as she runs through...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Q&A part 3, me...

do you get your bangs cut, or do them yourself ? :)
i have an amazing hairdresser, who also happens to be one of my best friends, sarah cowan... if you live in utah give her a call, you wont be sorry! she cuts them every couple of months but since they grow so fast i do them in between, i usually have to do them once every two weeks or so.
i will admit, sometimes they look far from perfect!

I've seen that you like some indie folk-ish music, and I'm curious as to how you discover new artists?
my cousins thomas and sean always know about the best music. in fact while i was in vegas thomas put some great music on my phone that i listened to the whole trip...

frightened rabbit

hope you enjoy them, and let me know of any great bands you think i might be missing out on! :)

i have a random question, how did you pick your daughters names? they're so unique + lovely. are they named after some one? or just names you have always liked?
loved this one! well, we did not have a name for estee when she was born, and my mom mentioned the name estee, it was right before chris went to give her her first bath and when he came back he said that he kept looking at her and thinking she was estee. it was very sweet, and is the absolute perfect name for her!

simone we had picked out almost the whole pregnancy, i loved that it was a french name since i was 5 months pregnant with her when we went to paris for the first time. i love her name too, i am really trying to get away from her nickname monie because well, it's not very cute and she thinks it is her actual name!!! oh no.

I have been looking for the cardboard/recycled envelopes you used on Ann's invites? So far no luck, so I was hoping you could say where you found them? :)
hobby lobby, they were a steal too.

I'm a mother to twin daughters and I love the relationship you and you sister seem to have...any advice... things not to do and things I really should do...?
ann and i have been lucky that we have always been really, really close. i am sure we have our parents to thank for that. they always made sure that no matter what, we were always there for one another. they always reminded us how lucky and blessed we were to have each other. also, my parents always recognized that we had different things we liked and were good at so they really nurtured our individual talents... i am really grateful for that.

i feel like i hit the jackpot getting ann as a twin sister. it has been one of the very best things in my life.

A while back I saw that you took a reupholstery class. Where did you take it?
i took it at a local school through the community center. i loved every second of it!

You seem to get so much done for a mama. Where do you find the time? I'd love to hear how a typical day or week in your home goes.
well thanks so much!!!
life is just now starting to feel crazy busy and like there just isn't enough time in the day! estee is in preschool, dance, swim, and we are staring a big addition to our house, that mixed with playdates, family time, cooking and cleaning plus dates with chris and time for just me make things pretty crazy around here. i stay up until about 1am every night. this is when i look at my photos, work on little projects or just watch tv i have recorded, lucky for me i don't require a ton of sleep to function!

i have to say though, all of you mothers out there amaze and inspire me, there are so many mothers out there who do such a great job at keeping it all going smoothly, not only smoothly but perfectly! thanks so much to all of you for making me better at this crazy job of motherhood :)

you always look so stylish! do you get all your clothes from anthro, as well?
thanks, that is so nice! :)
it's funny because when i think about how i dress, it is just like how i decorate! i mix a lot of vintage clothes with new pieces. i mostly splurge on jeans and shoes (oh and maybe purses too!) and then all the rest i usually found at a thrift store or anthroplogie (until recently i had an employee discount) i really just like to have fun with how i dress! i also really like to get dressed up so when chris and i go out, i love to get decked... even if we are just going to get a burger! other than those times though, i am all about comfortable and low maintenance clothes!

thanks so much for all the great questions guys! i am a little sad i'm offically done with my q&A's, i had a lot of fun answering them :) and yes, i might be addicted to the cyber smileys. :) :) :)

sorry sister.

remember me...

i have been away, in vegas with my dad, without my girls. i missed them so much. but i slept alot, and laid by the pool, and ate at a lot of fancy restaurants, shopped, went to a couple of shows, and even ran a few miles a day. it was heavenly. and chris stayed home with the girls the whole time. he is so, so good. and they had too much fun with their daddy while i was having fun with mine.

i am still trying to figure out what to do with this blog and my family blog. i am just not so sure i can keep up two blogs... let's be honest, i am having a hard time keeping up one! but i have been holding back on posting a lot because of it all. i will get it figured out soon though.

anyway, here are a few cute recent ones of the girls...

Thursday, July 09, 2009

let's trade...

any of you utah photogs want to do a family photo swap? i have been feeling the urge to get creative and would love some family photos too.

email me if your interested. the link is on my side bar.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

show & tell home tour...

i was asked to do a show and tell home tour for the home and garden blog over on the cafe mom website. there are a ton of photos and a great Q&A.

check it out here

Monday, July 06, 2009

i had a little photo shoot with jude and his mommy and daddy last night. i was looking through the photos from that and our little get together last night for simone's birthday and came across this one, i love that she sneaked in to give baby jude a kiss. this little girl knows how to love so completely... she is so in love with her new cousin, it is like she has always known him. simone on the other hand will have nothing to do with him, in fact she walks around saying "no see da baby"... funny girl.

anyway, i am going to give the rest of this shoot to ann so i am sure she will post more in a few days.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

dear simone,

today you turned two. for some reason i felt different today than i recall ever feeling on yours or estee's previous birthdays. i cried a little bit. i looked at you and thought about how sick you were at just 6 days old. i thought about how close i came to losing you. and it made me a little sad... and happy at the same time. so unbelievably happy that you are here to celebrate your 2nd birthday with us. so grateful that i still get to kiss that little dimple on your bottom lip. so blessed that you are so smart and funny and beautiful.

happy birthday to my little monie. you have taught me more than you will ever know.

i love you.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

just a few...

obviously i have been taking photos all summer, but since i am going to make a private family blog, i have been holding off on posting until it's up and running and invites have been sent.

well, needless to say i am thinking it will be a while! so here are a few of my favorites from the summer so far...