Wednesday, September 30, 2009

around the house...

*don't forget you have until friday to enter the giveaway posted below*

since we started the drive way and addition i haven't really spent much time working on a few things inside i am dying to finish (like my studio and mudroom) i have however gotten to a few little things and i thought i would share.

i am so happy to have my halloween decorations up...
we weren't in this house last year for the holidays so i am really excited to do all my decorating, everything just looks better in this old pretty house! :)

remember the ledge that i had my grant hamilton polaroid prints on? well, i decided to stack all my favorite polariods next to them.

i love how it looks, adds so much color and character to the space.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GIVEAWAY! what's your virtue?...

the lovely ladies of what's your virtue sent me an early birthday present (of course they didn't know it was a birthday present) but i love these lip glosses so much, it felt like a REAL treat. honestly, these glosses are the bomb. silky smooth like butter. not too sticky, just the right amount of color. sister loves them so much she wants me to rig the giveaway for her... don't worry, i promise i wont! :)

this giveaway is for a full set of these glosses (that means SIX tubes! SIX!) a $72.00 value! in colors like hot pink (you know i love that one) red, clear, light pink, shimmery gold and a peach. i'm obsessed with every one.

leave a comment, and i will pick a winner on my birthday (friday night!) be sure and tell your friends because this is a good one.

also, if you don't win, don't worry... if you enter AMY15 at checkout you will get a 15% discount.

i really do love these glosses... and i'm sure you will too :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

it was a big weekend...

estee learned to ride her bike without the training wheels on. i never thought i would be so excited... but i was. and still am.

here's a video to prove it.

whoops i put the wrong one on but couldn't take it off... how cute is she trying to sing miley?!

okay, here is the right one!

something else i am really excited about...
i am no longer dealing with a cracked iphone screen. oh it so luxurious not looking through the broken glass. what a pain.

oh, the giveaway winner (chosen by is #29 kaylea

Kaylea said...

i love yalls headbands and that print! gorge.

just email me your address (link is on the sidebar) and i will get it off!

thanks so much to everyone for entering!

i am going to have a big giveaway tomorrow so be sure and check back cause it's a good one.

also, you can see me on the shade clothing blog and website, they asked me to do a photo shoot where i integrated a few of their pieces into my wardrobe. i found out i am terribly uncomfortable in front of the camera, but it was still a lot of fun.

Friday, September 25, 2009

pink cowgirl...

it was western days at estee's school today. she told me she wanted to be a pink cowgirl.

okay. sounded good to me.

the pink boots will be her winter boots, she loves them and honestly, they couldn't be cuter.

ever seen a more proud little girl?

*giveaway below will be open until monday morning when i pick a winner!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


i have been wearing this headband and loving it. (see i'm wearing it in the photo!)

i have been putting on about 10 too many bangle bracelets.

i have been wearing hot pink lipstick.

i have been pulling my bangs back.

my vintage wolf t-shirts and i have become a team.

i have been wanting to do a give away.

leave me a comment and i'll send the winner this print.

i'm obsessed with this photo... so much better than having the real thing hanging on your wall, right?!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

sad state of affairs...

yesterday was a bad, bad day. i mean i know it could be much worse, but it honestly seemed like it would never end.

want to hear about it?

i woke up and got estee ready for preschool, as i was buckling the girls in their car seats my neighbor (who already hates us and called chris an a-hole because we are a construction zone working on our driveway and garage that he DIDN'T want us to build) was backing out of his driveway. I heard a loud noise and looked up to find him getting out of his car, throwing his sunglasses as far as he could and screaming profanities throughout the neighborhood. i had my girls in the car but what really got me was when he looked at the sweet guy who was working on our driveway and screamed "i f@#$%@g hit your trailer you f@#$%&g idiot) i could feel my blood boiling so i looked at him and said calmly "it's his fault you hit the trailer parked on the other side of the road?" now normally i would never have said a word, but i knew the man wouldn't say anything because he cant speak english and because well frankly, the guy is a serious jerk. so after i made my little snip he looked at me and yelled... "OH SHUT UP" say what??! are you joking that this grown man just told me to shut up? so maybe i told him how ridiculous he is and how childish and maybe i even called him a jerk... i cant be too sure because i was pretty mad.

dang... i was seriously sick to my stomach from the incident all day long. in fact i still am. not to mention the fact that on our way to preschool estee kept telling me her eye was bugging her and since i was so hopped up on adrenaline i didn't pay much attention... until i was getting her out of the car and she had a teary, green goopy, pink eye... the worst. so needless to say, i am still in full on sanitation mode and every surface in our house has been cleaned probably 500 times. it looks like it is almost cleared up and since it has been 24 hours she is no longer contagious. phew.

now i am throwing together a guest room for my longtime bff amanda who is coming to town on thur. so excited to see her, it has been years. just dont know why i put everything off until the last min.?

our backyard, they are pouring concrete this week, we are building a garage with a master suite above it and pouring a driveway, all of which we didn't have.

doesn't this photo pretty much make you sick to your stomach? and yes, our house does smell like a convalescent home... lysol.

p.s. don't think differently of me, i promise i don't go telling people they are ridiculous on the street all the time... and trust me, he deserved it. big time.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

the cheeks...

i love so much that even though you can't see her face in this photo, you know she is smiling.

my happy girl.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

just imagine i have photos of...

the girls outside playing with their daddy and riding bikes all day saturday, or of us on sunday lounging around the house, me cooking and baking all day and long naps for all of us (heaven) or of us on monday with adam and ann and jude in park city painting the town and fine dining and of course a stop at rocky mountain chocolate factory. and i really, really wish i had one of chris dressing us up in his jerseys that night and trying to talk us in to driving to chick-fil-a for a free chicken sandwich (we opted for smashburger instead, so good) he's nuts.

we had such a great long weekend. and i'm pretty much heart broken that summer is over.

i did however manage to take these two photos over the weekend...

the girls all decked out for a princess party they had on saturday.

and baby jude at my house on monday, he is just starting to learn that auntie amy really knows how to party.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

dont judge me...

my main squeeze jeff was voted out of the big brother house tonight and maybe i am a little bit sad about it. i mean he did curse like a sailor and smoke like a chimney (not to mention the unfortunate necklaces and tank tops) nevertheless, i might have told chris i would take jeff over brad pitt (but of course, chris over anybody!)

i might stop watching all together.

except i wont.

new do...

don't you just die over simone's new do? sarah cut it yesterday. she wouldn't keep her cute headband in for the photo but you get the idea.

she was so proud she even kind of let me take these photos of her. kind of. oh moanie.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

a few more back to school photos...

and a few run don't walks...

pago at 9th and 9th (next to the children's hour)... so good.

eggs in the city, best breakfast around.

a little show called big brother... i know what you're thinking, but trust me you will get hooked if you start.

lou and lee's new headbands... cuter than ever.