Friday, November 27, 2009


The winner of the Caitlin Creer giveaway is" Through the looking glass". Congrats, send me your e-mail address and I will get you in touch with Caitlin.
Also, Sister has a cute giveaway on her blog The Mister wears Prada.
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 23, 2009

most days...

some days are not so great. i maybe don't have as much patience as i could. or i am tired. or i daydream about traveling somewhere exotic.

but most days are really, really good. so good in fact that i cant even believe how charmed my life is. how sweet my babies are. how much i love my husband. and how happy i am right where we are.

i cant believe it, but being a wife and a mother, and doing my best to serve my family is what brings me the most joy in all the world. it is so wonderful to just be happy.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

mini me...

chris loved estee's outfit today, he said she looked just like me. i loved it.
it is a staple outfit for me though... skinny jeans, a t-shirt, flats and a blazer.

the jacket is a thrifted little boy's blazer (dry cleaned of course!) i love it, best $2.00 i ever spent.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

welcome caitlin creer interiors... GIVEAWAY!

i am so excited to welcome talented caitlin creer as a sponsor... her blog is amazing (please look at the nursery design she did for her friend) and she has so many fresh and new ideas on decorating and designing.

in her words... "As a decorator, I do my best to leave my clients with a space they will love and feels personal to them.
Whether that means reupholstering an heirloom piece, painting thrift store finds, or purchasing chic accessories to finish their space, I want each client I work with to end up with a space they are excited to come home to and show off to their friends.
I love to mix old and new, high and low, and make it all come together in a gorgeous and unique way. I approach each project with the goal of representing the people who live there and what is meaningful to their life. I strongly believe that a beautiful home it attainable with any budget. Whether we have a few hundred or a few thousand to spend, we will leave the place stunning and fresh.

Although I'm local to the Salt Lake area, I do a variety of e-decorating projects throughout the U.S and Canada. If you're the type that doesn't mind doing some of the work but needs some ideas and direction to get you started, then this is a perfect option. My e-decorating packages start at $150. You send me pictures of your space, and I'll send you a design concept tailored to your needs and budget. We can keep working on the details until it becomes your favorite room in the house."

how great is that? are you as excited about e-decorating as i am!?!

caitlin is giving one lucky reader a 3 hour consult and design plan which will include an inspiration board and multiple furniture and accessory options tailored to the needs and budget of the winner.

just imagine the room you have been putting off getting all fancied up on your budget with the help of this talented girl.

so go check out her blog and then leave a comment on this post...
winner will be picked on monday!
good luck! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

he would really try and wear one too...

in just about a month and a half chris and i and a few friends will be cruising the mexican riviera. for a whole week. we just got everything booked and thanks to my supermom, the girls will be warm in their very own beds every night.
i am so excited.

so, i've never been, any activities we must do? any restaurants we must eat at? i admit to being a little bit snobby about the destination (what with the whole spring break revolution and all) but trust me i'm not complaining. so tell me all the great things i should see slash do slash eat in cabo, mazatlan and puerto vallarta.

oh, and tank tops on guys are a big pet peeve of mine. tank tops and jewelry.
i'm sure there are some great ones out there... but i have yet to see them.

i am sounding like a real brat tonight, i just need to go to bed :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

the saddest snowman you'll ever see...

the first real snowfall of the season brought lots of excitement in our house. well at least for some of us, i am not a huge fan. i do however have a bit of a honeymoon phase where i love it and think it's beautiful and am happy to stay home with a cup of hot chocolate and watch it fall. that only lasts maybe a week though.

we got all geared up and ventured out on saturday...

the girls begged and begged for a snowman, and in my defense there was absolutely not enough snow and way to many leaves. but, i did what i could.

how pathetic is that? are you rolling? look at simone... i swear she has never been so disappointed, you can just see it all over her face.

i promise we will make the snowman of all snowman when we have enough snow little girls

Friday, November 13, 2009

notes from thursday night T.V...

"who's gonna check me boo"

obviously the best night for television.

project runway- none of the collections knocked my socks off, at all. and sorry, i love him, but tim gunn was all wrong when he told althea to edit out that sequined jacket. especially when you consider the show was filmed a year ago. i hope she still puts it in.

models of the runway- if i heard the word "willowy" one more time...

the office- LOLed (for real) at what michael said when he was coming out of the bathroom, too gross to write here but if you watch it i'm sure you remember. ha.

30 rock- rolled when kenneth offered to test the side effect of jenna's diet pills. still the funniest show on T.V.

real housewives of the O.C.- are you kidding me? those little brats are too much (lynnn's daughters) complete nightmares. and i'm pretty sure they should rename it the real housewives of foreclosure. i guess that's what happens when you go on a show pretty much for the sole purpose of showing people how you spend money. yikes.
can you tell i'm missing atlanta?

do you watch these shows? do you think differently of me that i do :)? what did you think?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

oh chris...

*this was a draft in my posts from a few months ago, i clicked on it today and rolled. wonder why i never published it?*

estee, so proud of her drawing of daddy.

saturday night chris sat and watched the movie ray for like 5 hours (for real, commercials and all) i was off doing my own thing like entertaining the girls and getting them to bed. after i was done with my normal routine around the house we happened to meet in the kitchen and i found him with his eyes closed getting a glass out of the cupboard.

this is the conversation that then ensued...

me: what are you doing sweetie?

him: pretending to be blind.

me: (holding in the laughter) oh really? why?

him: just to see how hard it would be as his hip nails the corner of the island (concrete, ouch) eyes still closed.

me: (as i hit him in the family jewels) pretty tough i bet.

him: eyes open, not knowing to laugh or cry.

he laughed.
love that guy so much.

Monday, November 09, 2009

good stuff...

this weekend chris and i went on a date. we love to get a little bit fancy and go out. we try to do it once a week but it is usually more like once every couple of weeks. he told me he wanted to take a photo of me as we were walking out the door... i obliged, and it looks as though i maybe even posed (what?!?). embarrassing, but good to have the evening (somewhat) documented.

and can you handle the paint by numbers my mom found at a thrift store for $2.99, it's huge. plus, she gave it to me! i love it.

also, i am loving my fugi instax mini that sister got me for my birthday. i especially love the thought that my kids may even have some old photos to thumb through and that actually look old and beat down when they grow up. that's one thing that really bothers me about this whole digital thing.

and a couple of my babies that made my day...

Sunday, November 08, 2009

and the winner is...

pretend estee is presenting the winner of the communal restaurant $40 gift certificate giveaway in her fancy red dress to...

yay caroline! enjoy! (email me your address!)

Friday, November 06, 2009


yesterday was the most beautiful fall day i have ever experienced. hands down.

after estee was off to preschool, simone and i made these only we made them into cupcakes. they were out of this world. especially with all that cream cheese frosting on top. you should make them too, super easy, so good and your house will smell like fall delights all day long.

after estee got home from school i put moanie down for her nap (she looooves her nap, my girl) and estee and i headed outside (when i got home from yuba a few weeks ago i found a completely landscaped backyard with a darling sandbox for the girls, they want to live out there) the weather was perfect, mid 70's with a breeze. Literally, it was raining leaves and estee could not get enough... she was spinning and dancing and laughing her head off.

then she had to take a little break.

today is shaping up to be a good one too. chris, simone and i just had breakfast at finn's cafe down the street... on the patio. it was perfect. does winter really have to come?

Thursday, November 05, 2009

come hang out on my sidebar!

i still can not even believe how many people actually look at this blog. i started it almost 4 years ago as a really dippy new mom wanting to keep in touch with my family far away. every day i check my stats to find more and more people reading from all over the world. crazy.

after a few inquiries and going back and forth, i have decided to open my left side bar up for advertising or sponsors (i guess that's what the kids are calling it these days) it will be very affordable geared toward artists, small businesses and the like. so email me (link is on my sidebar) if you are interested.

oh and thanks for stopping by! :)

molly moll...

last friday we went to a murder mystery dinner party at our friends blake and tahni's house... i played molly moll who was an aspiring film actress who was willing to do anything to secure the lead in hal hollywoods new movie. i also had a penchant for the smokes (fake obviously:)) it was such a great party and especially great because our hosts went all out... they completely transformed their basement into a 1920's speakeasy. it was perfect.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

communal GIVEAWAY!!!

about a month ago, i was invited to a tasting at the restaurant communal in provo. lucky me.

the food is to die for. i am a little embarrassed to say how many times i have been back (ann lives in provo so i make the trip down that way a couple of times a week) and that i am in fact going there tonight before i take in a little showing of "this is it" (have you seen it? is it good?)

i have had pretty much everything on the menu and every single thing is delish. truly. i hate fish but love the halibut, i never really thought i liked tomatoes much until i had their fresh jacob's cove heirloom tomatoes. i'm addicted now. the steak? perfect. the chicken? so moist and tender you almost cant believe it's chicken. the pot roast? my favorite. dont forget to sample all of their sides, you really cant go wrong with any of them, but my favorites are the potato leek gratin and the mashed potatoes.

the ambiance and decor are something to see and i love the big open kitchen in the center of it all. so run don't walk. come tonight and say hi to me!

oh and word on the street is that their new lunch menu is out of this world... think chicken pot pies and blue cheese burgers... total comfort food. i love that.

communal is giving one lucky reader a $40 gift certificate. just leave a comment on this post before friday night (nov. 6) and it could be you!

and you could take me too if you want. just kidding. kind of.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


every single night after estee has done her bedtime routine, we crawl into bed and she always says the same thing...

"tell me a story about amy"

it started a couple months ago. i used to always tell her stories about her when she was a baby, one day i decided to tell her a story about me when i was a little girl, a story about amy. she loved it.

so now every night she hears a story about amy.
amy going fishing with her grandpa, or amy dressed up as a baby for halloween or amy being afraid of the dark... just little stories about me when i was a little girl. i love to tell them. in fact i think about what story i am going to tell a few times throughout the day, i just love sharing who i am with my little girl.

shabby apple giveaway winner...

congrats!!! please send me your address... (link on the side!)