Tuesday, November 17, 2009

he would really try and wear one too...

in just about a month and a half chris and i and a few friends will be cruising the mexican riviera. for a whole week. we just got everything booked and thanks to my supermom, the girls will be warm in their very own beds every night.
i am so excited.

so, i've never been, any activities we must do? any restaurants we must eat at? i admit to being a little bit snobby about the destination (what with the whole spring break revolution and all) but trust me i'm not complaining. so tell me all the great things i should see slash do slash eat in cabo, mazatlan and puerto vallarta.

oh, and tank tops on guys are a big pet peeve of mine. tank tops and jewelry.
i'm sure there are some great ones out there... but i have yet to see them.

i am sounding like a real brat tonight, i just need to go to bed :)


Caitlin said...

Old town cabo is actually really cool. I'm sure you'll come home with some amazing jewelry or something.

If you have the time you must try Hangman. I don't even know if you could call it a hole in the wall. It is basically an outdoor taco place. Very authentic and not the kind of experience you would get in the touristy parts of the country. It's near old town Cabo but you'd have to take a cab.

One of the most memorable dining experiences I've ever had.

Ginnie said...

What?! you don't like your men sporting the bling and a little hot & sexy wife beater. ;)
The only thing that makes bling & tanktops look better is a little bit chest hair popping out. Totally kidding. I think I just made myself vomit just a bit.

sarah marie. said...

must be nice..

Celeste said...

As far as excursions go, I once did a dolphin "experience" in p.v. It was AMAZING! I just went by myself, (what a loser, I know) but it was my husbands birthday & he really wanted to golf for his excursion, so we went our separate ways for the day. (btw, if anyone in your party is into golf, have them do Le Tigre, named so due to the fact that there is an honest to Gad tiger just on a tie out on the course.)
anyway dolphin thing = awesome. Lotsa money, but you've got to do it once in your life. Have fun, but don't be expecting the crystal blue waters, it's just southern Cali beach-wise, but it sounds like you already know that.

Chelsea said...

i went on this same cruise in feb, and it was really fun. in pv we went on a catamaran to some private beach and it wasnt that great. we wish we would have done the jungle ziplining. everyone said that was awesome.
the best water of the three spots is in cabo, so save your beach time for there.

Wren said...

The Hangman is soooo good! And since they didn't serve alcohol (at least the last time I was there) things never got out of hand. It is kind of off the beaten path, but your taxi driver should know where it is;)! Also, you should try a little surfing! The water is perfect and the waves aren't too scary!


Mollybelle said...

oh how fun! I lived just outside of Cabo last summer. I was a nanny for an american family. We didn't live a very mexican lifestyle. People always ask me how my spanish has improved... yikes. We lived on a private beach with nothing on either side of us for miles. We'd go into town almost every week though and do our shopping and exploring.
If you are just spending one day in Cabo this wont work, but I will put it out there anyway. About 7 miles south of ZAcatitos, (where the home was) is a really great surf break. That's actually the reason we lived there! The big name surfers love to vacation there cause its quiet, but high quality. If you say you want to go to the "east cape" and then to "playa tortuga" the locals will know what you mean and get you there. Also, you are going during perfect whale watching season. Oh my gosh. It's unbelievable. "Majestic." My ultimate advise is not to think restaurants that seem popular are the best ones to go to. The best ones are the shacks with a few tables, where they just sell tacos- shrimp, beef, or chicken. Even "authentic" mexican restaurants in the states will never be the same after you do that. Oh. Find a place with home made chips salsa and guacamole. And my most important advise!!!!! Even if they tell you the water is safe, don't drink it. And from my unfortunate personal experience, putting me "out of nanny duty" for a whole week, don't even accept ice for your beverage. Big mistake.
OH! Second most important advise. If you are a soda lover... Cocacola Light. The equivalent to Diet coke...... the best diet coke you will EVER drink in your life.
Wow... all my advise is about food.... I'm not surprised. :(

noelle said...

Marissa and I did that cruise with Royal Carribean and we did swimming with the dolphins in Puerto Vallarta and it was seriously so much fun. If you have never gone swimming with the dolphins that is a great place to do it.

Mazatlan is gross. Book spa appointments and stay on the ship that day :). Unless you want to get accosted by time share people or a salesperson every two minutes, then you'll really enjoy your day there.

Mark said...

Have you ever met Walker DeWitt and his black wife beater?

meggan said...

I have zero mexico advice to offer (mostly because I LOVE a spring break gal with her mardi gras beads and a tiny cowboy hat shouting "woooo!" as someone makes a margarita in her mouth), but amen to the tank top aversion. I can't take a man without sleeves seriously.

Lisa said...

Hi, I am friends with Sarah Thompson, and I check out your blog because I love your style in clothing and decorating!

Anyway, I went on this cruise and I would definitely recommend the jungle ziplining in Puerto Vallarta.

Also, in Cabo you should eat at The Office. The tables are right in the sand on the beach and the food is to die for!