Wednesday, December 30, 2009

what's a girl to do...

we got back into town yesterday from the most perfect christmas vacation. so sad it's over. my computer is broken again... are you kidding me? and i'm pretty sure i am having some serious anxiety over leaving the girls on saturday for nine days, what is the deal with me? anyway, i know we will have a great time and i know even more certainly that my girls are in good hands.

hopefully my computer will be back up and running when i return. i will have lots of photos to share... i already do :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

have yourself...

a merry little christmas!

oh, and the winner of the giveaway is kellie who said...

ah i need to win. c'mon please bless that you pick me!
10:07 AM

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

last minute gift ideas and GIVEAWAY...

staring top left
1. le creuset 6 quart steel stockpot for only $39.95 this is a steal and a good quality all around pot. i use mine all the time and the colors are darling (mine is the turquoise) they have them right now at the sur la table at the gateway mall in salt lake.

2.elsa bags letter and state necklaces only $12.00 i have the utah one and never take it off. i also got one for a certain someone who lives far away, i thought it would be a great reminder of all the people in utah who love her :)

3. i'm obsessed with these mini goals chalkboards for $30.00

4. i recommended these cute sailor glasses from fishs eddy to cafe mom but they are so cute they are worth mentioning again. $5.50 each

5. also love this gift set of 8 pretty nut bowls from fishs eddy. only $15.96 for the set

6. and if you want to splurge, these fabric dress up dolls are worth it if you ask me. could they be cuter? $149.00 for the set pictured.

and guess what? nicole from elsa bags and vanilla pie baby is giving one lucky reader a letter or state necklace, the winner chooses the letter or state they want! like i said i'm obsessed with mine and wear it everyday... so i think this is a good one :)

leave a comment on this post and the winner will be picked sat. dec.19th

good luck!

oh and for a certain husband, i know we decided not to get each other gifts because of the cruise, i want you to know i would not be upset if you decided to surprise me with this little number... and look it's even on sale. i'm so thrifty.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

poor girl...

and it's all my fault. sunday night chris and i were putting the girls down for bed, he was changing simone's diaper (reason #932 we need to get her potty trained) on the changing table and i was hanging up all of their clothes in the closet... i shut the door hard, since our doors are so old and heavy they always require a big push to get them shut. well, long story short i shut the heavy door on simone's toe (i had no clue she could even reach the door from her changing table) and she cried and so did i and she told me through her sobs "it's okay mommy" and it broke my heart like it's never been broken. without going into to much detail her baby toe on her left foot was pretty much split in half and instead of stitching it, they took the front part off leaving her without a nail or nail bed. did i mention how terrible i feel and how i cried for two hours straight while chris took her to the er. and you should know that my simone is probably the sweetest little girl on the planet.

see for yourself...

on the left, enjoying her powdered dounut just minutes before the ordeal and on the right, when she got home :( don't
mind the black sock?!?
this mom business can be really tough sometimes.

oh and if you have any suggestions at all on how to get a 2 year old to keep a bandage on their foot... please, please let me know.

and the winners are...

sorry for getting this up late. simone was in the ER all night sunday, she is fine but we have been busy caring for her little foot. i'll post more about this later and a little last minute holiday gift guide AND one more christmas giveaway!...

the winner of the livytay necklace is... (and remember she is offering buy one get one half off in her etsy shop! great christmas gift idea)

Blogger ally said...

i want this one!!!

2:23 PM

the winners of the boutique ballou custom shirts are...

Blogger E diggity M to the I to the L to the Ysaid...

I love the "big sister" shirt! I just found out I'm expecting again & having my daughter wear this would be a great way to announce it to everyone!

Blogger Stacy said...

Those are the cutest shirts! Thanks so much! I wish I could win both shirts, haha!! I love the red ladybug with the scalloped edges, but they are all so cute!! Thanks again!

and the three little owls frame goes to...

Blogger Kell & Nick said...

OMG...Love these frames! One would look so cute in "cuties" nursery!!! Hope I win!!

5:38 PM

winners please email me with your email addresses!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

livytay necklace GIVEAWAY!!!!

***be sure to scroll down for 2 other giveaways that are open until monday dec. 14th
from her etsy shop...
Each necklace that I make takes a lot of my time and efforts. I love charm necklaces and want to share that with you too. Each is unique, even if it is composed of similar elements. I discover great vintage finds and love to offer a piece of history to etsy shoppers. It's always fun to imagine the story that each item might have.

livytay is offering up the gorgeous necklace in the photo above (see here) to one lucky reader!
just visit the shop and then leave a comment on this post!
winner will be picked and announced on monday so good luck :)

and for those who do not win a necklace, there is a buy one, get one 50% off sale in livytay etsy shop until december 15th. YAY!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

boutique ballou GIVEAWAY!!!

***scroll down for the three little owls frame giveaway that is open until monday dec. 14thboutique ballou is a darling custom t-shirt, greeting card and quiltery company. are you dying over the cute angel design above?!?

from their website...

boutique ballou is a shop of creative styles, vibrant colors and eclectic patterns. Everything we sell is hand made or decorated. We try and show as many items as possible in our shop. If you like something, and you want it changed a little bit, customized a little more, or tweaked a lot, just let us know. We can probably do that.

boutique ballou strives for unique, original ideas and uses only premium quality materials and suppliers. Our t-shirts and onesies are 100% ring spun combed cotton. They are incredibly soft and look even better when decorated by boutique ballou. We use professional heat press equipment with professional quality pigment inks.

From our location in Salt Lake City, Utah, boutique ballou is committed to customer satisfaction. We do everything possible to ship your order on the same day we receive it. If you have a deadline to meet, let us know, and we will figure out how to meet that deadline.

my girls both have the hello my name is... t-shirts and i can tell you, they are darling and the quality and fit are fantastic, not to mention they come beautifully packaged!

joslyn from boutique ballou is giving not one but two readers a custom t-shirt of THEIR CHOICE! so head over to their site and pick your favorite and then tell me about it in a comment, winner will be picked and announced on monday!

good luck! :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

three little owls GIVEAWAY!

welcome to my cozy little sidebar three little owls! i am happy to have this wonderful little shop as a sponsor.

from her etsy shop...
Our frames are crafted from solid 8" wide pine planks and then designed, painted, sanded and weathered completely by hand. Each is unique because of the intensive process that they undergo to get the one of a kind finish we have become known for! These artful frames have huge presence in any room because of their large format and display of your 11x14 photo. We will customize your favorite design with several color choices to match your home. Hardware is mounted to the back to allow for vertical hanging and each comes with glass, wood backing and turns to hold backing in place. These frames make gorgeous gifts and are perfect for any room in your house from nursery to living room. Mix and match different designs to create a grouping of frames or just order your favorite! To custom order, just contact us. we can create any design with custom color choices.

melissa from three little owls is giving away a painted damask frame to one lucky reader ($75 value)... check out her blog to see the frames put to use in darling rooms and her etsy shop to see her variety of frames, then leave a comment on this post!

winner will be announced on monday!

good luck! :)

Monday, December 07, 2009

some stuff...

another busy december weekend. i had alot of photos to edit from the shoots i did a couple of weeks ago, i am offically over it again! :) i did however, bundle up on saturday night and head over to gateway to get some christmas shopping out of the way. i even got a few gifts wrapped and under the tree.

and this is why i still love anthropologie, the cutest gift toppers ever.

also, i have had this image from a house tour on cookie tucked away in my inspiration folder for ever now.

i thought it would be perfect for above our bed because the wall used to be the exterior wall so it is concrete and i cant put any nails there. this is perfect because i was able to attach it using that velcro cement stuff.

the next four days i will be hosting a giveaway a day, be sure to check back... i have some good stuff.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


i pulled an all nighter the night before last and got everything done. probably not the best idea i've ever had because yesterday was really busy and i was exhausted. oh well, my christmas decorations are up!!!

the photos are terrible and don't do them justice (my photoshop is dunzo) i wish you could come over and see them, i would even make you some of my really yummy homemade hot chocolate and you could bet christmas music would be playing!

i found estee like this after school yesterday. looking at our wedding album, her favorite these days!

love my village, my grandma has given me most of them. i collect this series

it is really better than christmas morning opening up all of my boxes of christmas stuff, i always forget i have certain things and i fall in love with all my stuff all over again.

most of my decorations are dee foust, bethany lowe, seasons of cannon falls and a few vintage treasures thrown in.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

fall is over...

we are officially entering the fun and busyness that makes this the best time of year.

cafe mom asked to me to send over some of my holiday picks for under $25 and $10 the $10 one is up and it is so great. see the slide show here.

we are bundling up tonight and venturing out to find the perfect, fresh, furstenau family christmas tree. i want the biggest prettiest charlie brown tree salt lake city has to offer... do those three things even go together, big, pretty, charlie brown tree? certainly not to my mom, i am sure she is dying just reading it!

i will post when the halls are decked. but here is a little reminder of our house last year. like i said, the best time of year is here!