Friday, January 29, 2010


"A flexitarian is someone who actively integrates meatless meals into his or her diet when possible but isn't a full-time vegetarian."

as embarrassing and ignorant as it is, i have always been able to disconnect the steak on my plate or the burger i am eating from where it came from and the fact that it was actually once a living thing. i feel like i have been bombarded lately with literature and movies and short clips like the one below that have given me no choice but to make the connection and see first hand the cruelty that is connected to a lot of my food. it's amazing how knowledge rids you of excuses.

we are now officially flexitarians. we are commited to doing all we can do to stop factory farming. no doubt it will be difficult, but it is important to us not only because of the cruelty to animals but because of all the health risks it poses to our family (growth hormones, antibiotics, e coli, salmonella, etc.)

please watch the video below...

maybe we can be flexitarians together!?!... :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

i'm in a rockstar band...

the funniest part to me is when estee drops her instrument and moanie is so upset.

estee was singing this allllll day long... where do they get this stuff????

i'm sleepy...

my last post combined with the fact that simone is going to have to get her tonsils and probably her adenoids taken out have me feeling not much like myself lately. i take her into the ENT at primary childrens next week so i will know more then, but my pediatrician said that she has the biggest tonsils he has ever seen. oh, and if you could hear her sleep at night, you wouldn't sleep either. she sounds so bad. i made the mistake again of looking on the internet at tonsillectomies and i cant even tell you about the horror stories i read. i swear i should not be allowed on the computer after 10pm.

anyway, i will be back to myself soon. sorry i'm such a downer. i know everything will be fine. i'm just so, so tired.

here is a photo of my perfectly sweet little simone. she is getting so big and talking so much and singing songs and trying to be just like her big sister.

Monday, January 25, 2010

i am, as everyone else i'm sure, so saddened about the horrible devastation that is going on in haiti. right after the earthquake i pretty much couldn't sleep for three nights straight. honestly. it started with me wanting to look on the internet at the best place to go if an earthquake hit and that turned in to hours and hours and hours of reading about the fault line that our 100 year old house is pretty much on top of. i seriously have never felt so out of control and helpless and scared as i did for those three days. after a middle of the night phone call with my mom and waking chris up at 3am i was able to find peace and start doing everything i can do to be prepared, then after i do that, it is out of my hands and in to someone's with a much greater plan.

here is what our church says about family home storage

and if you feel so inclined to donate to haiti, i know that every little bit helps, seriously like even a couple of dollars. i am not linking any specific organization because i just don't really know enough about each, i do know that 100% of your dollar goes to humanitarian aid (which we have been told is all going to haiti right now) if you donate through the lds website.

do you have all of your family home storage? any tips? we are pretty close but don't have much water. we need much more so let me know if you have any great ideas :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

8 by 10 glossies...

if you've ever been on a cruise you know that they take these really dumb pictures of you every second. like with the cheesiest backdrops and they direct you to do the dumbest things.

one night we went all around taking them and doing whatever the photographers told us to do.

here are the ones i bought...
this was my favorite backdrop... do people really like this stuff!?!

they told us to act crazy, HA!

chris thinks he's really sweet...

and triton the killer dolphin... poor guy.
notice the fold in the corner, simone will not put this photo down. she loves it so much. she is so proud of me.

and since i am obviously all about sharing embarrasing photos of myself tonight, here is one of ann and i in avatar... this was posed... i think. i hope.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

van gogh has nothing on her...

is it crazy that i get misty eyed every time i see this (proudly) displayed on my mantle?

my estee's first self portrait (and hopefully not her last, she has serious art skills if you ask me or chris and i promise we are not biased at all! :))

she made it at school and wrapped it up so darling for my christmas present.

i couldn't love a gift more.

those green eyes... that light brown hair...

and if you only could have seen how proud she was when i opened it...

Monday, January 18, 2010


i am finally starting to feel like myself again... and my computer is kind of fixed again (although i am taking it in again tonight because it is still crashing every 5 min.) i swear.

anyway, our trip to mexico was perfect, we went with our friends blake and tahni on a 7 day mexican riviera cruise on the mariner of the seas (the ship was so huge and amazing) in fact, i really loved being on the ship more than the ports of call... we had so much fun staying up all night long and laying out all day and of course eating. and don't get me started on the dolphin swim thing we did that was so unorganized and scary (honestly a dolphin attacked!) and the horse back ride on the beach in mazatlan that was so sad because chris's horse was barley alive. i have committed to no longer partaking in the animal cruelty that goes along with these excursions, i promise... so sad.

here are a few photos... :)

we didnt win :(

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

just a couple of days ago...

that was me... it was heaven enjoying long days in the sun, good food and great friends.

oh man have things changed. i am so sick. never been sicker actually (at least it feels that way)

my computer is still broken and i have SO much to share. hopefully i will get it back soon.

until then i am going to be in bed pretending i am still there :)