Monday, January 25, 2010

i am, as everyone else i'm sure, so saddened about the horrible devastation that is going on in haiti. right after the earthquake i pretty much couldn't sleep for three nights straight. honestly. it started with me wanting to look on the internet at the best place to go if an earthquake hit and that turned in to hours and hours and hours of reading about the fault line that our 100 year old house is pretty much on top of. i seriously have never felt so out of control and helpless and scared as i did for those three days. after a middle of the night phone call with my mom and waking chris up at 3am i was able to find peace and start doing everything i can do to be prepared, then after i do that, it is out of my hands and in to someone's with a much greater plan.

here is what our church says about family home storage

and if you feel so inclined to donate to haiti, i know that every little bit helps, seriously like even a couple of dollars. i am not linking any specific organization because i just don't really know enough about each, i do know that 100% of your dollar goes to humanitarian aid (which we have been told is all going to haiti right now) if you donate through the lds website.

do you have all of your family home storage? any tips? we are pretty close but don't have much water. we need much more so let me know if you have any great ideas :)


Tatiana said...

I know! It's very scary. Makes you stop and reevaluate. The absolute best place I've found is That gal is amazing! You can also find a video clip of her on youtube. She is honestly incredible and I love that she's so organized about it too! I would love my food storage room to look like hers! Good luck!

sarah marie. said...

brian's been wanting to get our food storage forever. I know we need to but I keep putting it off. maybe this will motivate me..

Auntie Ann said...

oh sissy, I know how you feel. Now that we have the shed we need to get ours too.

Jill said...

we live in nyc so food storage space is tight for us. but we have water gallons behind our sofa, and we have food storage from a company called
it has a 25 year shelf life so you don't have to worry about rotating. you can just put it under your bed and not worry! the meals just require water to make them. you should check it out!

Amy said...

jill, thanks for the tips! we have the same food storage so we are good there but that is why i am worried about having enough water, because all of our food requires it plus to drink. maybe i am crazy but i feel like i need a whole house full of just water! :)

mark said...
they deliver it right to your door once a month for only 30 bucks a's great food that i feel comfortable having as a food storage cause i know my family will actually eat it!!!! it's yummy and what is also lovely about it is the fact that it can last in your food storage for up to 20 years!!!! so you never have to worry about rotating!!
waters a problem for me too... i think just buying a water filter is the way to go.
p.s. confession... i stock your blog. love it. i'm jessica kettles cousin.

Dorothy & Tony said...

Aimes,im right there with you. i have been obsessed lately with preparing and planning. i have been filling every milk jug and juice jug with water. not necesarily for drinking water but for many other things. i have also been making list of other things we may need like sleeping bags, blankets, a pair of clothing, maybe a portable gas stove, etc?? we also have decided to be certified in cpr and first aid this year. i might be over planning but like i said i have been obsessed. maceys has huge water storage containers for a really decent price as well!

Grandma B said...

My daughter Jen is a friend of your sister-in-law Amy and I served at HHS on the PTA board with your mom-in-law.
I know what you mean about the fear of being prepared for a quake here...I have 8 grandchildren.

Any one who has seen the pictures of the poor people in Haiti panicking for food and water had to think twice about making sure we do all we can to be prepared for our families.

Try Safely Gathered In The button for the site is on my sidebar.

BTW...your girls are darling.

Grandma B said...

Ooops! It is