Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a few things i want you to know...

1. you are capable of achieving anything you dream...

2. you are so lucky to have each other, cherish your sister always and never get caught in the jealousy trap. you can always be each others best friend and most loyal supporter.

3.you are both loved totally and completely unconditionally.

4.you are both beautiful. inside and out.

*i know, sounds a little chicken soup for the teenage soul, but really, i do want them to know these things. especially in this crazy world we live in.

hope your having a good one :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

dear valentine...

i think we make a really good team, don't you? thanks for taking me to dinner last night, too bad the food was bad. what a good idea to get me a flower smelling candle instead of fresh flowers, you're right, the smell really will last all year long (!!!!)

i'm so happy you're my valentine forever.

dont worry, i got cheese for myself, and it was delicious. :)

hope your weekend was full of love.

Friday, February 12, 2010

home made...

we made estee's valentines last night mostly from stuff i had on hand and then attached a box of conversation hearts to them (best candy ever i don't care what anyone says!) she was really proud and i was happy she didn't think they were hooptie compared to the store bought princess ones she wanted.

this girl can pose...

happy valentines day everyone! my man is far from a romantic so i am not expecting much at all, that's okay with me... he's so good to me throughout the whole year, what's one day? slash can a girl get some flowers? and maybe some fancy cheese too? just saying. :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

dont look at me, i'm hideous...

i have been battling a kidney stone for the past 4 days... gross i know but i'm not sure how else to put it. i went to the E.R. 3 times and the pain was so bad the morphine shots didn't even touch it, there was no relief at all until they brought out some big daddy that completely knocked me out and made me high as kite. i didn't like that at all but at least the pain was manageable. i wont even go into the part where they pumped me so full of fluids i looked 500 hundred pounds... i believe they referred to it as a "kidney challenge" ummm no thanks. i think the worst is behind me. it better be because my whole family is sick and i need to be mom. i am actually dying to be mom.

i will be back soon but in the meantime i wanted to point you in the direction of a family whose story popped up in my inbox this morning... it is tragic, and amazing, and reminded me miracles really do happen. go here to read about bronson. jane has some great ideas about how to help if you feel so inclined :)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

her first...

estee was so excited when her cousin got her this adorable hello kitty scrapbook set for christmas. i guess i thought i would help her with it, that we would sit down together and do it... boy was i wrong. she is so serious about this thing and carries it everywhere we go. i gave her some old stickers a glue stick and some fugi photos i had and look what she created...

so cute, right?

i love that she already loves the creative process so much and is always so proud of what she creates... hopefully this wont be her last scrapbook :)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

simone update...

we had simone's appointment today at primary children's, she was so amazing and sweet and actually had fun at the doctors (say what!?!) the E.N.T said she most definitely needs to get her tonsils out and soon. he explained that children with such big tonsils who have a difficult time breathing at night can have heart problems and even heart failure. he explained all of the risks (which sounded mild in comparison to what i had read online. yikes.) but also said that he does over 400 tonsilectomies every year and that 50% are on children simone's age. he is an amazing doctor and she will be in the best hands.

so in about 3 weeks she gets them out, i am taking a surgery prep. class at the hospital to get prepared and my mom (who is an R.N.) is coming out to help with the recovery.

surprisingly, i am feeling good about it. heaven only knows she has been through much worse... remember?

she sure is cute though and don't even get me started on those big blue eyes...