Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a story about estee...

about a week ago i was on with the girls when they spotted this new video on the site...

as we were watching it i noticed that estee had a funny look on her face and after it was over she started crying. it was the saddest, sweetest cry i had ever seen. when i asked her what was wrong she told me that the video made her really sad... but happy too. when i tried to get her to explain the only thing she could say was that the beginning part when small dora is swinging "she has a little smile on her face that makes me feel happy and sad at the same time" she was so emotional about it all night. i didn't really know what to think about it other than i could see that the change affected her, made her feel something she had never felt before... and i think it was sad to see her little dora grown up but excited for the new one as well. when i started thinking about it, i knew just how she felt because that's how i feel about her... and sometimes i want to cry about it too.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

what is a doppelganger...

are you on facebook? i'm not big into it, that is until a little thing called doppelganger week came along (if you don't know it was a week where everyone posted a photo of a celebrity they are told they look like) i rolled at everyone's photos... turns out most people really do look like a celebrity.

here was mine...

i couldn't decide between vicki from small wonder or winnie cooper from the wonder years.
although it was unanimous that i am twins with winnie. (obviously i was told these when i was young... i don't think i have an adult celebrity look alike)

who is your celebrity look alike?

yes, i do realize this is the nerdiest post to date... doppelganger??!! facebook??!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

since the last time i blogged...

i have...

played dress up with the girls at least 50 times.

cooked a lot of desserts, including cinnamon rolls...

and white chocolate chunk cookies.

i have also been to the gym 5 times (not so good.)

had many. many masterpieces gifted to me.

ate my first burger in months... so good slash gross.

cooked some gourmet veggie dishes thanks to you guys and all your great recipes :)

played some serious play dough.

babysat for friends and neighbors three times.

watched simone swing and swing.

fine dined at em's... have you been? it's one of my very favorites.

put the girls to bed before chris was even home from work and church activities 7 times. (not easy being a single mom these days)

saw alice in wonderland two times (so good)

the whole first time thinking the mad hatter is played by elijah wood... am i crazy or are they twins?!?

hosted a big st. patty's day bash.

pinched my sister who showed up with not a drop of green on.

oh and more dress up of course.

i am really and truly going to be blogging more... i don't know what's up with me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i love food...

margherita pizza, potato soup in homemade bread bowl, mirepoix and crostini in the making...mmmm

when my mom was here we spent 70% of our days in the kitchen cooking... i love cooking with my mom, she is the best chef i know. and also, she keeps secrets about her recipes and i only find them out when i watch her make things (she will deny, deny, but it is so true!) we made lots of delicious things and i am so sad i didn't take any photos since eating has been pretty much all i've done for the past three weeks.

my point of this post is that i am doing really well on my flexie diet, so well in fact that i am pretty much a veggie. i don't have many recipes that don't have meat in them so i wanted to see if any of you would share your recipes for your favorite vegetarian dish? i know it's a pain to sit and write a recipe, so i understand if you wont... but pretty please do!?! :) i should warn, so as not to waste anyone's time, i do not like seafood of any kind!

thank you, thank you, thank you!

oh. i am going to post one of my favorite dessert recipes ever in the next couple of days with photos and all, you will love me for sharing... my mother however will not :)

Monday, March 08, 2010

marilyn monroe style...

she stood here forever... so proud. sister was proud too.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

it's almost over...

this little girl is such a trooper. it has been a long couple of weeks, and literally i have only left the house three times. i wont go into the whole surgery and ordeal because i fear i would be far too negative right now and heaven forbid some mother google what i googled before simone's surgery and find another scary downer post about a tonsilectomy. we did have to spent thursday night in the hospital because she had a little bleeding out of her nose... so scary but turned out to be just a little scratch or crack in her nostril.

i will say, that i am certain that this surgery is going to do wonders for her in all aspects... we can already see huge improvements in her sleeping and speech. it has been so hard but i can tell it will be worth it.

thanks to everyone for all of the support, calls, flowers, treats, etc. we have felt so loved :)

once i have a little bit of distance from the stress of the last couple of weeks, i do plan on doing a big post about the surgery for people who are going through what i was going through, i really just wanted an honest account of someone who had a 2 year old get their tonsils and adenoids out (i found lots of stories about older kids because they don't do it before they are 5 unless it NEEDS to be done). hopefully it will be a help to someone out there.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

7 years...

this last week has been completely crazy. simone had her surgery last monday and everything went really well. nights have been rough, really rough and both my mom and i have hardly slept more than 4 hours a night since.

so yesterday, when chris woke me with a kiss saying happy anniversary, i thought he was kidding.

we did absolutely nothing at all to celebrate, except fine dine on my mothers amazing cooking. oh and he did get me a couple dozen of the most beautiful roses (not another cheap candle) after dinner, as the girls were both eating ice cream i said to chris "look what we have to show for seven years of marriage" "pretty good" he said with a smile.

pretty good indeed.