Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i love food...

margherita pizza, potato soup in homemade bread bowl, mirepoix and crostini in the making...mmmm

when my mom was here we spent 70% of our days in the kitchen cooking... i love cooking with my mom, she is the best chef i know. and also, she keeps secrets about her recipes and i only find them out when i watch her make things (she will deny, deny, but it is so true!) we made lots of delicious things and i am so sad i didn't take any photos since eating has been pretty much all i've done for the past three weeks.

my point of this post is that i am doing really well on my flexie diet, so well in fact that i am pretty much a veggie. i don't have many recipes that don't have meat in them so i wanted to see if any of you would share your recipes for your favorite vegetarian dish? i know it's a pain to sit and write a recipe, so i understand if you wont... but pretty please do!?! :) i should warn, so as not to waste anyone's time, i do not like seafood of any kind!

thank you, thank you, thank you!

oh. i am going to post one of my favorite dessert recipes ever in the next couple of days with photos and all, you will love me for sharing... my mother however will not :)


e said...

hi amy... I'm a random reader of your great blog. You've been in my reader so long, I can't remember how I found you! Anyway... my friend recently published a book/cookbook called "my green diet". Its contents are almost vegan, actually. Even if you aren't trying to go vegan, it has some great recipes. Check it out at

She blogs as well and there is a 7 day challenge up on the blog with lots and lots of good recipes.
Some of my favorites are hummus and bagel sandwich, quinoa salad, hearty pasta with sauteed veggies, & veggie chow mein.

I'll be checking in on these comments. I am always up for good meatless recipes.


ed and brooke said...

Have you read The Flexitarian Table? There is a cumin carrot with lime recipe in there that is die for! Another fantastic book is Super Natural Cooking. She has a great website... if you don't already know about it. If you scroll down a bit on her page, she has a recipe for Pan fired Corona Beans and Kale. I made it a few weeks back, but I used swiss chard (which is what she recommends in her book. So so soo much better than kale in this recipe. It turned out fantastic! I bought my swiss chard at a farmers market here in Phoenix. It really put the swiss chard in the grocery store to shame. The Healthy Hedonist is pretty good too but it doesn't have any pictures...

kate said...

our go to meatless dish is sooo simple: whole wheat or multi-grain tortillas, warm black beans and mexi rice, cheese, sour cream. wrap em up and top with green chile enchilada sauce and cheese. toast under the broiler. easy-peasy and so yum.

also, i've been meaning to beg you to host an online photography class! i would break my piggy bank to take it. your blog (like 2 years ago) inspired me to buy an SLR and start learning. please please won't you???

sarah marie. said...

look how gourmet you are! and i still roll that your mom doesn't give out recipes.

Frances said...

America's Test Kitchen has a great Eggplant Parm Recipe. We make it all the time. It's too long to write here so look it up. It is so hearty and warm and filling, you forget it's just a vegetable.

Rachel said...

I am a "flexie" as well and have a cooking blog with my sisters...most of the recipes are not vegetarian, but almost everything that I post about is. Here is a link to a pasta I made and if you scroll down to the bottom of the directions, I have listed several recipes (with links) to other recipes where I have omitted the meat, with great results.

Love your pictures! :)

Erin said...

Ok I didn't know you ate vegetables.

A really good twist is to have your regular black bean and rice burrito with all the fixin's, but add sweet potato. Sooo good.

Mary said...

I have a vast library of deleecious deeshas and now they'll go to the grave with poopster ☠

Justin and Olya said...


I am doing the "raw" way, but you can just cook anything over dehydrating/steaming. My favs are Coconut crisps ( although it is more like a snack, but LOOOVE it), kale chips (also a snack, but YUMMY and HEALTHY), borshch for winter, okroshka for summer, and ARTICHOKES for any time :) Onion bread it pretty awesome too.

Rachel Holste said...

your making me hungry...:)

mom24orsinis said...

I have found the BEST vegetarian blog called "A Veggie Adventure"...she is a 2nd generation food writer and has DELICIOUS, SIMPLE recipes...

My favorite hearty vegetarian recipe is Lentil Vincent Soup...hearty, tasty and no meat :) She has a WHOLE tab dedicated to roasted veggies, which isn't hard, but it's great to read her directions, tips and "lessons learned" "how to keep all 10 fingers while cutting a butternut squash"!

You'll find a bazillion recipes there...I haven't made a bad one yet!!

amy said...

i know all about your mom not sharing recipes!! i have asked her about her (too good to be true) cinnamon delish!! :)

mom24orsinis said...

Sorry, it's "A Veggie Venture" must check it out...she has gotten me addicted to every type of roasted squash possible...

Magdalena said...

Do tell, is it the famed cinnamon roll?

ec said...

i have a fabulous vegetarian thai noodle recipe that is so delicious ... in fact, i just submitted it for a recipe book that some friends and i are putting together, so i'll just send you an email with it attached.

and i'm totally loving all these comments, and am dying over (i'm assuming) your mom's. so funny.

Kell & Nick said...

Hi Amy~
I have a few really good veg dishes! I will send them over to you! :)
Do you like Thai or Indian?

Grace said...

Tofu Tacos!

1/2 an onion, diced/minced
2 gloves garlic, minced (or to taste)
1 bell pepper
1 can green chiles, diced
1 block of tofu, frozen, defrosted, then squeezed of most of its water (freezing changes the texture)
1 can of corn
1 packet of taco seasoning
whatever garnishes and tortillas you love with tacos

heat onion, garlic first, then add bell pepper and green chiles. these are heated before adding the tofu as the tofu will absorb the flavors better that way. crumble in the defrosted tofu, add the corn and taco seasoning (no need to add water). ready to serve!

you can really add any vegetables you like, this is just how i like them :) enjoy

Jill said...

You're pictures are making my mouth water!

I have my favorite food websites linked on my blog that feature veggie dishes (fresh 365, 101 cookbooks, etc.)

All of the recipes I post are veggie too.

DJ and Candra Probert said...

I am another long-time-reader, first-time-commenter. I decided I'd speak up in your time of need with a couple of easy meatless dishes.

PASTA PRIMAVERA - from "This Week for Dinner"

RAW KALE SALAD W/ ORANGES -- a great side from "Elana's Pantry"

BROWN RICE & LENTIL CASSEROLE -- I know "casserole" may sound a little nerdy, but we like it.

1 cup quinoa, rinsed in strainer
fresh lime juice
olive oil

lettuce or spinach
avacado, diced or sliced
green peppers, diced
diced tomatoes
black beans

Rinse quinoa well under running water (to get rid of funny taste/scent). Pour rinsed quinoa into 2 cups boiling water then reduce heat to medium. Cook about 10 minutes and then turn off the heat and let it sit. When you turn off the heat it might look oatmeally, but give it 15+ minutes and it will become light and fluffy. Transfer Quinoa to a large bowl.

Add chopped cilantro. Squeeze fresh lime into quinoa mixture (I usually use one lime). Add salt and olive oil to taste. The rest of the ingredients can be thrown into quinoa,

Sorry I got carried away. :) Good luck!

Dani said...

simple yummy recipe:

cubed zuchini and squash (however much you want, i usually do two medium of each)
1 can cream of mush (or chicken)
1 pint sour cream
1 box of stuffing
mix all ingredients together, bake at 350 for about an hour.

bon appetit