Sunday, March 21, 2010

since the last time i blogged...

i have...

played dress up with the girls at least 50 times.

cooked a lot of desserts, including cinnamon rolls...

and white chocolate chunk cookies.

i have also been to the gym 5 times (not so good.)

had many. many masterpieces gifted to me.

ate my first burger in months... so good slash gross.

cooked some gourmet veggie dishes thanks to you guys and all your great recipes :)

played some serious play dough.

babysat for friends and neighbors three times.

watched simone swing and swing.

fine dined at em's... have you been? it's one of my very favorites.

put the girls to bed before chris was even home from work and church activities 7 times. (not easy being a single mom these days)

saw alice in wonderland two times (so good)

the whole first time thinking the mad hatter is played by elijah wood... am i crazy or are they twins?!?

hosted a big st. patty's day bash.

pinched my sister who showed up with not a drop of green on.

oh and more dress up of course.

i am really and truly going to be blogging more... i don't know what's up with me.



that last picture is SPECTACULAR!
I was actually looking up cinnamon roll recipes this weekend! now I really want to try!

sarah marie. said...

good call on elijah! and your girls are so lucky to have you as a mom. such a fun life they live.

tiffany said...

ah i love playing dress up!

xo tiffany

Leah said...

Love this update post. Any chance you'd coming his way this week? It's nice out and we've got piles of dirt waiting to be played in.

Bart and Jill said...

You don't know me, but I admire your blog and yes, I thought Elijah played the mad-hatter all along too. When I heard it was Johnny Depp I was like, there is NO WAY... they are identical! I still haven't seen the movie, but I hope to soon.

becky said...

so glad to have you back! looks like you're having fun. when you're the only parent home, call me and we can play. that's usually my life!

Jen said...

um..i'm just wondering if calling your friends back is ever going to be on your list! : )
cute pictures!

Ellie Sophia said...

PLEASE... post some RECIPES! Those cinnamon rolls look AMAZING. I love that you didn't use icing. oh please oh please sharreee. Oh, and the Margherita pizza would be great too <3 :-D.
a seriously hungry reader from Austin, Texas

Ellie Sophia said...
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Mary said...

love the post!
and miss those girls!

Magdalena said...

You do know how to throw a party Mrs. Furstenau :)

Erin said...

Love how in the last one that photo of Estee on the mantel echoes Simone.

These cousins need to get together over some play dough!

My friend is in need of your Simone surgery post :(