Tuesday, April 13, 2010


simone is potty trained! it was real touch and go there for a couple of days though. i started out sitting with her in the bathroom for hours just waiting for her to go because i didn't want her to make a mess so bad, and it was making both of us crazy... then i said to her "just tell me when you have to go" that's all it took. seriously, she just started telling me and going and no accidents for two days including night time. i feel like a new woman.

i guess this means it's time for a new baby :)

i have been obsessing over ebay/ksl/craigslist/thrifting... i go through stages and i'm on one. big time.

listening to a lot of music. i made chris a mix CD for his birthday of songs that remind me of him/us... best gift ever. he loves it. i'm big into the mix CD's, i've been making them for everyone. who doesn't like getting a surprise mix CD? i think it's a lost art :)

really? snow? april 13th? i could have cried this morning.

better go, i need to bid on something on ebay... i love a good bid war. wish me luck.


sarah marie. said...

yay simone! i want a mix cd..

Magdalena said...

That is so fabulous monie! Love that she's so independent. As for us, we'll be leaving as soon as my sister pops out her kid - such a waiting game this giving birth. We're thinking in the next few weeks we'll fly out. Cap is already gone, woe is me.

Mary said...

she's a smart one that girl 'o' mine.

{jane} said...

this is awesome.

maybe i slightly scare you, being pretty much a stranger, and always offering my comments...?

but i think we have SO much in common - i may just be ten years down the road ahead of you...in age. ;)

i LOVE making mixed CD's! i've been hooked for years! my kids since they were in preschool love to give out 'myla's christmas groove' cd's for christmas gifts or we burn cd's for party favors. my husband & i also LOVE to make mixed CD's for each other because we typically don't listen to the same tunes so it gives each of us an update on what our current faves are... and i have a few friends who are never up-to-date with music hits, so i LOVE to make them CD's and put them in the mail for them to update their music libraries. in fact, i have a couple friends who will say, "i need a new cd-mix!' hehe.

AND, in years past this is my favorite CD labeling kit...i used to buy it at 'anthropologie' then they stopped carrying it, and if you want, you can check it out here...it's also good inspiration for making your own CD-label designs which i also like to do with my kids' pictures, etc. but, have a look:


umm, yeah. that url is huge. sorry!

have a lovely weekend!!!

Claire said...
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Claire said...

I'm trying to organize some people to do a mix cd exchange; if anyone you want to participate that would be awesome (email me at cdmixup.com). And congrats on the potty training!