Thursday, April 08, 2010

spring break...

we did some serious spring breaking this year... college coed style. not really but we did go to vegas for a few days. let me tell you that a 4 year old and vegas do not mix well. let's just say there were a lot of questions at ceasars palace after we passed the statue of david replica. we had the best time though celebrating my dad's 60th birthday and thanks to my cousin katie who took the girls back to st. george a couple of days early we even got to go out on the town a little bit.

but wait, we started spring break in sunny st. george with chris's family for a week... it was perfect and so relaxing and i kept hearing about all of the snow salt lake was getting and thanking my lucky stars i was not there.

oh, happy birthday to chris today! we celebrated it up... decked the house, cupcakes, new shoes and sunglasses and then dinner at the copper onion hope your day was perfect love, you deserve it.


brooke said...

i think you and your family are just adorable -- i hope when i have kids i can dress them up all cute as you do!

sarah marie. said...

love the shot of estee in the goggles. and happy birthday chris!