Monday, May 31, 2010

estee pancakes...

every morning i wake up to find she has snuck into our bed and is curled up as close to me as she can get. she jumps out of bed with the biggest smile on her face with so much excitement for the day. i say "good morning estee bug!" and she quickly corrects me saying "please call me estee pancakes, i like that better than estee bug" but it never sticks. before breakfast she almost always says the prayer. she eats alot. she goes to school but not before giving me the biggest kiss and hug. i pick her up to find her just as happy and excited as i had left her. we eat lunch. she eats alot. she tells me how much she loves me about every five minutes. she dresses up and has tea parties and rides her bike and plays with her sister and friends. if it's a really good day we go to auntie's or the zoo. she tells me she loves me again. we eat dinner. once again, she eats alot. we take a bath read stories and say prayers. then she says "stay and snuggle with me for just a little while" and i do.

i can't begin to explain what bliss it is being estee's mom.

this day 5 years ago, my life was completely changed. instantly, i was no longer the selfish girl i had been and i lived for her. and life is so sweet as her mommy.

happy 5th birthday estee. i love you so.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a good day for simone...

can't you just see it in her eyes?

from the outfit (inside out dress with her jammie top still on underneath), to the newspaper (she and sister love getting the paper in the morning), to the big sister's shoes to the soda she snuck a sip of... this girls was really in heaven.

and i was too. i am really going to miss our few hours a day alone together.


i am twittering now! find me here.

what can i say? i caved. i used to hate on twitter big time.

so, follow me? we'll see how it goes...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

living room redo...

i get bored easily with my house and love to change things up... new rug, new floor lamp, new coffee table and lots of new throw pillows, glad slash sad to be done. love a good project.

here is the finished product. except i am going to be changing the mantle photos a bit.

and the little nook on the other side of the living room...

Friday, May 21, 2010

show off...

leah took these of me showing off for the kids doing all my tricks on the tramp. turns out i am not 14 anymore. pretty much threw out my back. so fun though.

and the giveaway winner is #83

email me melissa... link is on my side bar :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

shade swimsuit giveaway!

remember how i said that i laid by the pool last week? well this is what i wore the whole time :) it is so so cute, amazing quality and totally flattering. i also love that you can swim, jump, bend over to pick something up and you are covered. i got the coral top with the navy blue bottoms just because i'm not really the matchy type. i love this suit and will be wearing it all summer long. and i know you will to.

shade is giving one lucky reader a suit of their choice! just head over to their website and check out their swim line and leave a comment telling me which one you want on this post by wed. at midnight and the winner will be announced thur. morning.

and if you just cant wait shade is having a sale 20% off swim tops and buy one bottom or skirt and get a second at 20% off. sounds pretty great right? well today is the last day of the sale... so run dont walk :)

good luck!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


taken from the car through the window as we were driving home

i was in st. george last week with chris's sister's and mom. it was heavenly not having a thing in the world to do. i slept in until 10- 10:30 every morning, pampered myself a bit laying by the pool and even a mani/ pedi. unfortunately the only photos i took were of the beautiful scenery. it was gorgeous... i can never seem to get over the red rock against the bright blue sky.

anyway, i am still working on little projects all over my house. i have been stuffing pillows, hanging pictures and arranging and rearranging everything 100 times. i love it. i am going to be sad when i am done (well, i'm never done, but done for now)

i will be sharing photos soon. oh and i have more online garage sale stuff too.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


i honestly cant believe this is my 5th mother's day as a mom. i still feel like such a new mom, learning the ropes and trying to figure it all out. so blessed to have had the best example and teacher in my mother. she is the best at everything she does including being a mom. love you.

and to the two little girls who call me mother. thank you. for teaching me and for loving me and for making me want to burst with happiness every single day.

photos by allison

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

pasta maker...

an awesome company called csn contacted me a week or so ago about doing a review of one of their products on my blog... i was so excited because i know all about the over 200 csn stores online, they literally sell everything from tv stands to well, pasta makers! i have also been pining for a set of bar stools from them for a while now and the best part is, a lot of their sites offer free shipping... i hate paying shipping, have i ever mentioned that?

anyway, the product i picked to review is a pasta maker, so please send me your pasta recipes... i want to try them all, whole wheat, spinach, raviolis, herb... anything.

and i just now realized how chubby i'm about to get!


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

lfe is so beautiful...

some things i hope to never forget...

sunday naps with my girls.
my big white blankie that chris lovingly calls the beast (and i call heaven)
simone and her hello kitty doll she carries everywhere and wont go to bed without.
estee faking asleep every second of the day so we will all say excitedly "oh look estee is asleep" and carry her to bed... it never gets old for her.
our tiny, tiny room that i both love and loathe.
little girls that can not get enough of their mommy (please tell me that they will always love me this much)
chris taking this picture, i didn't even know about it until i uploaded my photos today. what a good surprise.