Monday, May 31, 2010

estee pancakes...

every morning i wake up to find she has snuck into our bed and is curled up as close to me as she can get. she jumps out of bed with the biggest smile on her face with so much excitement for the day. i say "good morning estee bug!" and she quickly corrects me saying "please call me estee pancakes, i like that better than estee bug" but it never sticks. before breakfast she almost always says the prayer. she eats alot. she goes to school but not before giving me the biggest kiss and hug. i pick her up to find her just as happy and excited as i had left her. we eat lunch. she eats alot. she tells me how much she loves me about every five minutes. she dresses up and has tea parties and rides her bike and plays with her sister and friends. if it's a really good day we go to auntie's or the zoo. she tells me she loves me again. we eat dinner. once again, she eats alot. we take a bath read stories and say prayers. then she says "stay and snuggle with me for just a little while" and i do.

i can't begin to explain what bliss it is being estee's mom.

this day 5 years ago, my life was completely changed. instantly, i was no longer the selfish girl i had been and i lived for her. and life is so sweet as her mommy.

happy 5th birthday estee. i love you so.

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sarah marie. said...

i can't believe estee is five! she is so dang cute and honestly has more personality than any other girl i know. happy birthday est we love you!

sarah marie. said...

oh and i rolled at the estee pancake story. so cute.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Estee!!! I can't believe she is 5! She is and has always been such a sweet little girl FULL of personality!!! I love her! I love the part where she Eats a lot my kind of girl :)

Desiree Fawn said...

Beautiful post for a beautiful girl!
Happy birthday Estee!!
Your mama loves you so!

Mary said...

I love my Estee girl so very much. Happy 5th birthday and I can't wait to see you!

.caroline armelle. said...

happy birthday miss estee!

can't believe she's already five?!
time flies! seems like it was just her birthday, and here it is again.