Tuesday, August 31, 2010

back to school estee style...

we had so much fun school shopping this year. estee has more of an opinion but still trusts me when i like something, so i am savoring it while it lasts... this is probably the last year for that :(

tonight she tried on all of her new school clothes for us, and then picked her favorite to wear tomorrow for the first day.

so here are a few of her outfits... i love that everything is totally inter-changable and she can (and will) wear all of this a million different ways.

please forgive the terrible photos, it was getting dark and i probably could have fixed them in photoshop but i have gotten really lazy in my old age.

silk bubble skirt and gray t-shirt from crewcuts. high top gray and silver air jordan's from nordstrom (obsessed with these) and of course some frilly socks.

zip front drawstring waist jumper and long knit blazer both from crewcuts (this blazer might be my favorite thing the girls got) same socks and shoes.

don't know why i didn't get a better photo of this cute little knit and silk crewcuts dress. perfect mix of comfy and cute.

long gray cardi from target, orange t-shirt from crewcuts, jeggings are paper denim and cloth found at tj maxx (these were a find) and belt is from target.

ballerina t-shirt from crewcuts paper denim and cloth jeans and belt from target.

olive green t-shirt from crewcuts denim skirt is paper denim and cloth and the tall boots are cheapies from tjmaxx (she loooves these and just HAD to have them) the denim shirt and sweater leggings are from tjmaxx too.

and off she goes tomorrow. she is excited and i am excited for her...

Monday, August 30, 2010

life is so beautiful...

tonight as i was puttering around the house picking up after all of the slobs around here i came across a little nook that estee had adorned with all of her favorite things. there was some jewelry, stuffed animals, of course a tea party set up with all the fixings and then taped on to the wall was a family photo. for some reason the photo stopped me in my tracks and i sat and stared at it for 5 minutes at least. estee was two and simone was about 6 months old in it. i cant explain how i felt other than to say it made me so happy it actually hurt a little.

what could be better than being a mother? i need to remember that more often.

sorry about the lame photobooth photos... my girls are obsessed and want to take them every second!

3 little princesses...

we spent a perfect day at disneyland this summer, the weather was perfect and the lines were short.

here are some photos...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

once again i am shopping for a few more kitchen supplies because i am reviewing another lovely item from one of csn's over 200 online stores. they carry everything from corelle to DVF. i cant decide between a new le cruset dutch oven, or more attatchentments for my pasta maker!

i will let you know what i find! :)

i don't want to see that...

please tell me some of you have seen the one and only season of the HBO series the comeback? i have the dvds and busted them out tonight and rolled. why did it get cancelled!?

i have watched every episode a million times but last night noticed that emmett cullen is in it. ha.

Monday, August 23, 2010

probably the craziest week of my life.

and i cant even find a moment to sit down and post about this crazy summer. please tell me it's not really coming to an end?!? please tell me that my baby is not starting kindergarden and that my other baby is not starting preschool. and please, please don't tell me that i really only have 6 more weeks in my twenties because i am pretty sure that will send me over the edge.

for now, i just want to remember this perfect moment on the beach. moanie running from the waves (before she got knocked over and cried herself to sleep)
oh summer. i miss you already.

Friday, August 13, 2010


freak out.
i am a blonde now. sarah chopped my hair and dyed it blonde and obviously did an amazing job because she always does. the blonde is beautiful (sorry about the crappy photobooth picture)

i am still getting used to it though...

Thursday, August 12, 2010


i failed to mention that estee lost her first tooth on her fifth birthday. that's because i didn't really think it counted because it was the same tooth she knocked out when she was a baby. when the dentist re-set it he said he didn't know how long it would last so i just figured it wasn't the real thing... until a big new tooth started sprouting. she looks so big to me now. and her teeth are starting to go crazy in every which way. but obviously, i think it's darling.

this morning when i got home from the gym we took a few photos. please don't mind our just rolled out of bed look.

dont be jealous of the glitter hearts and stars we added to the photo :)

honestly, i am totally obsessed with this little girl. if you knew her you would be too. i promise :)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

on my mind...

so very tired, always tired. what's the deal?

grateful that my worries are just small ones.

daydreaming about a trip to florence. or prague. i'd go to london too :)

enjoying the stormy weather.

but wanting to cry that people are already talking about autumn.

how much i want another baby.

can't believe i only have 2 more months in my twenties.

taking care of a little fish (his name is shimmer) is hard work. esp. when your three year old wants to feed it quesadillas every second.

and what a sad day it will be around here when shimmer's time is up. (we got him on monday)

buying a new film camera.

and how good bocata is at the new city creek food court, there is also a red iguana there. perfect if you have kids because there is great food but it is a casual food court. brilliant.

where to send estee for kindergarten.

and how she can already be sprouting a big tooth when it feels like yesterday that i saw the little baby one coming in.

wishing time could slow just a little.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


i have to tell you a little bit about my simone because her birthday came and went and i never told you just how much i adore this little girl of mine. she is three now. i cant even believe it as i am typing it. she is so sweet and so sensitive and cries if i even raise my voice in the slightest... and she loves to sleep and has figured out she loves to sleep her problems away. so if she has to go to time out, or if she and estee have a tiff or if she cant watch dora right when she wants, she says something like "i wanna take a naaaaap" it's pretty sweet.

we went to disneyland on her big day and she loved every second of it. except when she went on splash mountain and i asked her if she liked it when it stopped and she said "i don't ever want to go on that ride EVER again" so loud, through tears and everyone on the ride rolled. then she jumped in her stroller and said "i wanna take a naaaaaap" and slept for an hour or so.

i made cupcakes the night before and we had a birthday slash fourth of july bbq and she felt pretty special.

and i feel special that i'm her momma.

see her past birthdays here, here and here!