Tuesday, September 28, 2010

playing around with pancake batter. don't judge though... it's harder than it looks :)

i keep waiting for life to calm down a bit, to fall in to a routine after the crazy summer and finally have some time to get stuff done. i am just now realizing that it's not going to happen. at least for a while, and i'm okay with that. life is good right now.

i am turning thirty in 4 days. honestly, i am a little freaked out by it. i shouldn't be, i have so much more than i ever dreamed i'd have. but it still feels really weird. i am excited that chris and i are spending a few wonderful days in vegas to celebrate but sad that i wont be with my sister on our day. i am pretty sure this is the first birthday we have spent apart. i'm heartbroken about that.

debating whether to take the girls to gateway tonight, i want to go to anthropologie for the perfect birthday dress (maybe this one?) and usually it wouldn't be a big deal but lately these girls (mostly simone) have been terrors in stores (right now i am reliving my trip to nordstom last night and thinking no way) since chris is working nonstop until we leave i don't really have a choice. wish me luck :)

hope your week is going well.

Monday, September 20, 2010

what i'm wearing.

the only thing that makes me a little excited about the cooler weather is the fashion. i have been doing a little shopping lately and have been having fun switching things up a little (even though it is totally still hot here and i'm okay with that)

here are a few things i am loving right now.

red lips again (i was thinking played out until i got my blonde hair, now it feels very betty draper slash gwen stefani-ish)
still my vintage t-shirts (esp. my wolf ones) paired with jeggings an oversized cardigan and heels. my perfect outfit.

sorry i look like such a doof in the photos :)

still blazers, i have 100 and cant get enough.
socks with my oxfords heels.
tights and sandals.
ponytails and updos. i used to never, ever wear my hair up. i have it pulled back every second now.

please, please tell me what you are excited to wear this fall?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

simone in a hat.

looking cute.

i'm really trying to stop calling her monie. i was on a baby name site a while ago and typed in simone and someone had left a comment on the name saying "we have a simone in our family who has the (unfortunate) nickname monie" i rolled slash suspected every family member.

nevertheless, she is pretty wonderful.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the fair...

i love a good fair. actually it doesn't even have to be good fair. any fair will do really. we went the state fair on monday evening and had so much fun. cant wait to go back tomorrow with friends.

estee wanted me to take 5 billion pictures of her.

the birds were a real smash hit for the girls, monie's face kills me in this one.

very serious about their fries... again, monie's face kills me in this one too.

went down the giant slide... we were all very happy at the bottom i guess.

pretty exciting...

and of course a snow cone.

you must know...

that estee asked me to take this video of her singing her favorite song (17 pink sugar elephants cover by mates of state)

that i laugh at the beginning when she gets into position with her legs crossed and hands on her hips

i also laugh at the random nose snorts and head itches

and the way she sings "everywhere"

Untitled from amy furstenau on Vimeo.

i need to get a video of simone singing the re-arranger so cute "you gotta shake it off" we love mates of state around here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a few things...

here i sit in my quiet house all by myself for a few hours. it's really nice, i must admit.

i can't tell you how much i am obsessed with the carpool a few of us from the neighborhood set up. every single day that someone comes to pick up estee i feel a little giddy. i wonder how long the thrill of it will last.

thinking about sarah's post about the hunger game trilogy... she cast the movie perfectly... much better than who they are actually considering don't you think? can't wait for book club.

can't stop baking slash eating cookies, cupcakes, brownies, creme brulee and the like. it's really starting to show in my tush too plush my jeans are even tighter. oh jeez, guess my few miles of running a day are no longer doing the trick. sad.

chris just booked a room at the palazzo for my 30th birthday weekend extravaganza. i'm really excited. except for the whole turning thirty thing.

back to hunger games... i'm curious what did you think of mockingjay? without spoilers though because i know a lot of people haven't read it yet(YES, I'M TALKING TO YOU ANN! GET ON IT ALREADY!) i'm still not sure. but pretty sure i didn't love it. too dark and depressing and violent and in a different way than the first two. i don't know though...

Thursday, September 09, 2010

another first day...

look at my girls...

today was simone's first day at preschool. we have been talking a lot about it and honestly, i wasn't sure how it would go. these two girls of mine are very, very different. where estee is fearless, outgoing and always wanting to be off playing somewhere with someone... my sweet simone is cautious, a little shy to those she doesn't know and a total homebody. i love this about them.

we said goodbye and off she went with a big smile on her face. whew, huge relief. when we picked her up, estee and i watched as she came out with her teacher (still smiling from ear to ear) and walked up the steps to wait for us. i turned around to see estee who had big tears overflowing her eyes and said "what's wrong?" she said "happy tears because i just saw simone walk up the steps and she had the cutest little look on her face, i just love my sister so much" i died. it reminded me again of her sweet little way.

i hope these two never take each other for granted. a sister is the best gift a girl can ever have.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


we went up to adam's familiy cabin way up in the mountains near heber with ann, adam and jude and sarah, brian and oscar. it was a perfect, beautiful day and i wish we could have stayed longer... next time.

here are a few photos...