Tuesday, September 28, 2010

playing around with pancake batter. don't judge though... it's harder than it looks :)

i keep waiting for life to calm down a bit, to fall in to a routine after the crazy summer and finally have some time to get stuff done. i am just now realizing that it's not going to happen. at least for a while, and i'm okay with that. life is good right now.

i am turning thirty in 4 days. honestly, i am a little freaked out by it. i shouldn't be, i have so much more than i ever dreamed i'd have. but it still feels really weird. i am excited that chris and i are spending a few wonderful days in vegas to celebrate but sad that i wont be with my sister on our day. i am pretty sure this is the first birthday we have spent apart. i'm heartbroken about that.

debating whether to take the girls to gateway tonight, i want to go to anthropologie for the perfect birthday dress (maybe this one?) and usually it wouldn't be a big deal but lately these girls (mostly simone) have been terrors in stores (right now i am reliving my trip to nordstom last night and thinking no way) since chris is working nonstop until we leave i don't really have a choice. wish me luck :)

hope your week is going well.


sarah marie. said...

that dress is the cutest!

jomama said...

i hope you're not too bummed about spending your birthday away from your sister. my twin lived in australia for 5 years and our birthday was always so hard for us. but now she's back in the states and last year we got to celebrate our 30th together!
i was freaked out about 30, too, but don't worry. it's great.

Auntie Ann said...

This is going to be the LAMEST birthday ever for me!!! But you will be living it up and that makes me happy.

Magdalena said...

Even with unruly sidekicks I say yes to the dress! Lovely.

Magdalena said...

And you are in good company with the dirty thirty this weekend - so old we will be.