Monday, September 20, 2010

what i'm wearing.

the only thing that makes me a little excited about the cooler weather is the fashion. i have been doing a little shopping lately and have been having fun switching things up a little (even though it is totally still hot here and i'm okay with that)

here are a few things i am loving right now.

red lips again (i was thinking played out until i got my blonde hair, now it feels very betty draper slash gwen stefani-ish)
still my vintage t-shirts (esp. my wolf ones) paired with jeggings an oversized cardigan and heels. my perfect outfit.

sorry i look like such a doof in the photos :)

still blazers, i have 100 and cant get enough.
socks with my oxfords heels.
tights and sandals.
ponytails and updos. i used to never, ever wear my hair up. i have it pulled back every second now.

please, please tell me what you are excited to wear this fall?


Auntie Ann said...

You are cute

and to anyone reading the "you might also like" middle video of Estee, its the BEST!

Reagan said...

I am all over socks with booties, tights with my madewell clogs and mini dresses.

Fall is my favorite time of year. Hooray.

sarah marie. said...

you are so cute and i love your looks! i need to dare to wear the red lipstick. i feel like a clown when i do.

yours truly dear said...

you are freeking adorable. you dont look like a *doof* at all haha. i'm loving all of these, and i've already started wearing boots and some chunky knits. yay!

becky said...

you can rock anything! i have a few socks that i want to try, you're giving me inspiration...

mom24orsinis said...

so fun!!! You look amazing and I love that you carry your fashion sense over to your girls...adorable!!

My BFF and I just went on a shopping spree and my addiction is sweaters with belts of any kind...I bought 3 of them at one store...skinny jeans and flats are still my simple pleasure...of course with as much jewelry as I can get away with as well!!

with my 4 munchkins and homeschooling, this look almost makes me seem cool ;)

Your fashion INSPIRES me, although I don't have the guts for most of does push me though and I enjoy seeing what I could try...someday :)

mushbelly said...

I'm ready for tights and a good T-strap. Paired with a skirt that it probably too short for me to wear at 33, but I will anyway.

kimsueellen said...

Cardis and an adorable pair of gray tights I splurged on.

Amy Lou said...

BOOTS and fun tights!! You look sassy :)

Rachel Holste said...

you look awesome... and skinny mini...:)