Monday, October 04, 2010

30 isn't sounding so bad.

just got home from a dream-like vacation to las vegas. chris really made my day (slash weekend) the most perfect.

we ate alot. and slept alot. and layed by the pool.

now for the details on how to have a perfect 30th.

in crumby iphone photos...

don't miss max brenner's for a smores sundae. what? best thing ever. i mean it.

maybe even lagasse's stadium to watch part of byu lose really bad. what a sweet wife i am. (the food is delish)

smile when your husband wants to take the first photo of you in your thirties.

fine dine at thomas keller's bouchon. then cry a little because the food is that good. and then take note of the amazing tile and promise yourself that it will be in your kitchen one day.

fancy dinner at carnevino is a must. honestly, you have not had a steak until you have had one here. and don't get me started on the pastas.

cry a little more when the waiter brings out a gorgeous custom cake all lit up from your mom. such a sweet surprise (thank you, thank you mom. you did it again!)

and then try not to scream your head off when your husband pulls this bad boy out.

chanel rain boots. so cute. i'll probably live in them for the next few months.

remind yourself how blessed you are to have a family that loves you, a wonderful husband and two perfect little girls. close your eyes and say a little prayer.

and don't forget to stop in at the peppermill on your way out of town. what is there not to love about neon lights, mirrored glass from floor to ceiling and flamingos. plus the food is amazing.

and to my sissy. i cant wait to celebrate you tomorrow. i am so blessed to have had you for 30 years. and for at least 70 more to come. i love you so much.


sarah marie. said...

oh. my. gosh. all i can say is it must be nice. your tights look the bomb by the way. along with you and your new boots. and great job mary. sheesh. happy birthday by the way! i love you.

Allison and Mason: said...

Wow!! That's quite the 30th birthday! I'm glad you had such a wonderful one and that you are continuing to live the dream! Happy Birthday!

Mary said...

nothing makes me happier than to know you are happy! I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

becky said...

happy 30th birthday!

what a great weekend. 30 is wonderful (i've only been here 4 months, but it's nice!)

{jane} said... are gonna rock those rainboots, they are gorgeous!

how sweet of your mom to have that cake ready ~ and it's adorable!

happy 30th!

jackiek said...

those rain boots are beauties! happy belated birthday! it looks like you had a great one :)

.caroline armelle. said...

wow! what a great way to celebrate turning 30!

happy late birthday!

Rita said...

what a perfect way to celebrate...everything looked so lovely! Happy belated birthday!

I'm going to Vegas next month and am trying that s'mores sundae for sure...yum.

The Hansens said...

I am so glad your 30th was a dream! I pretty sure turning 30 just made you even more beautiful.....

I hope this is truly the best year of your life so far. And I hope you know your party isn't over yet......

oh and obviously you DO NOT know how to party in vegas! ha ha

{Brittany} said...

just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. love those boots. love your home and your style. thanks for sharing!

Magdalena said...

This seriously can't be topped.